You Just Don't Know...

by Kristi Kure

You Just Never Know.....

ByKristi Kure

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We had a rather exciting/interesting evening on Saturday, May 7th. Dan went out, he was going take Maddie for a run and he heard some yelling down in the bay. He went down to the shore and there were 2 girls and their dog in the water. The girls were screaming for help and Dan ran up and told me "there are two people drowning in the bay'. I thought, "yeah right, who'd be out there; the ice just went out, it is freezing'. I grabbed some towels and blankets and life jackets. Dan ran out and got the canoe and started out to them. They were screaming "help us, help us, please!'".. Dan got over to them and then our neighbor Paul came in his canoe. I was so glad because I thought if they tipped Dan over in a panic then there would be nothing I would be able to do. They managed to get them back to shore; I ran across the shoreline with the blankets and towels and wrapped them tightly. They were beginning to turn blue so we got them over to our place through the woods and put them right into the sauna, which luckily Dan had lit. They warmed up a bit then they told us that their Grandma lived down the road a bit. They had gotten lost in the wood for hours and when they finally came upon the water; they thought they could swim to the closest cabin at the end of our bay, but the water was too cold and they were in trouble. Their dog "Benny' was actually holding them up and when Dan jumped into the canoe, our dog Maddie followed right along to help out.

We got them out safely and drove them home. Their mom and grandma were pacing up and down their driveway wondering about the girls. They were crying and so appreciative. I am so glad we were there to help; I am so glad that they are okay. I think that David helped them out until we could get there, as crazy as that may sound. It really hit me on Sunday when I was having such a bad Mother's day what had actually happened and how lucky these girls were

and that someone was watching over them. I was unable to sleep with the thoughts racing through my mind. Wishing that David would have screamed "help me, help me, please' when he was "drowning'. He did not, so he was there in spirit to help these girls. The girls were 19 25, so it really hit home with me and my thoughts of my boys.

I checked my emails yesterday as I stayed home due to lack of sleep and nerves. What I found was a message from the girls' mother. Her name too is Kristi. She wrote to me on Facebook:

Here is what she wrote:

Dearest Kristi,

I am overwhelmed that when I got back home to North Dakota I was able to find you on Facebook. I don't even know where to begin - how do I even write words to someone (both of you) who saved Jessica and Sophia?

When they had been gone so long, I was walking on the dirt road pacing and pacing and my legs were starting to shake like I guess only a mother knows when something is wrong. Then right about then you pulled down the driveway in your truck.

In my heart something tells me that they were so close to death. They both say (especially the youngest Sophia) that she hit a point that everything just stopped moving and she just wanted to let go. They were so numb and had literally no feeling.

I can't even write this without crying because I know without a doubt that a much higher power was on the lake Saturday night to hold them above water and you two angels (I am not using that term lightly) were the one's I completely credit that they are alive today.

My parents have been on the lake since the 50's. I have been there since I was born - and my girls also have been there since they were in diapers. I will never ever understand what happened with them getting lost and making the choice to swim, but at the same time I won't even try to question it. It just is what it is and I am humbled and grateful to you beyond words.

I already know that no gift can show my gratitude for the priceless gift of their lives - but I want to stop by to see you in June sometime if that would be ok.

I am moved too Kristi, to see on your FB that you are creating a book in memory of your son? My heart bleeds for your loss and now wonder too...if maybe he is the one that held my girls above the water until you got to them...

I know that when you and Dan both woke up Saturday morning - you didn't know you would be saving two young women from death - but I think there were many angels surrounding you that knew the whole time you both would serve a very big purpose on that day.

I will never -ever forget you and either will Sophia and Jessica.

Kristi - from the little bit I can see here you are so talented with your pictures! I would love to see more.

I love you and barely know you.... *heart*


And then another message from her:

Kristi, My facebook is acting very weird today but I just wanted to make sure you got the note I sent you this heart is flooded with emotion unexpectedly lives can become intertwined. Now I know without a doubt that everything that happened on Saturday was God's plan. Your family has now become weaved also into the journey of our lives.

I have to go to work now but know that you and yours will not leave my mind.

May you find some peace today dear one,


I then found that she had written in the guestbook on David's memorial website. This is what she wrote:

Dearest Kristi,

On Saturday May 7, 2011 you and Dan saved my daughters lives. And as I learn about your precious son David, I realize that my girls were only tools in the events that happened that day. It never was about them....and humbly I could never have realized this until now. Slowly the pieces are fitting together in the puzzle the way they should fit and I have never before been in such awe of the power of God.

My girls by all accounts should not be here on earth after getting lost deep in the woods and attempting to swim across the bay to reach your cabin only 1 week after the ice had left the lake.

They were numb. They said it was past the point of feeling 'anything'. I truly believe Kristi that they were minutes from death. I said I know now that they were only tools used to become intertwined in your lives. Before Dan reached them in the canoe, I feel so strongly it was David that kept them above water. Then after David's angel work was done, you and Dan took the torch from David and completed the task of saving them.

Kristi, you and Dan saved TWO precious lives on that day. In your anguish, I pray that these events will be in your souls to know that your journey is far from over.

You saved two lives. Not many people can say that.

May God speed,


I am still extremely overwhelmed by all this and do not know quite how to take it.

God Bless these two girls and their family. And thank God another family did not have to go through the loss that we have. I feel very grateful for that indeed.

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