A Letter to My Girls

by Arnold Nelson

      This morning I was watching a program called Sunday Morning. They did a segment on a lady named Jackie Hooper. She was talking about a book she has out called Things You Would Have Said. It is a book of letters she has collected from people who lost somebody suddenly and didn't get to say what was on their mind.

    These people wrote letters to their loved ones and said everything they would have said, if they had a chance. People pour their hearts out in these letters and it helps them heal. I sent her a copy of the letter I wrote to my twins. It does make you feel better writing those letters. If you would like to send her a letter in might get in a future book. The E-mail address is: thethingsyouwouldhavesaid@gmail I am sure she would love to get your E-mails. If you would like to write a letter and send it to me I would be glad to accept it. All I can offer is a promise I will pray for you and your continual healing. My E-mail is at the bottom of the page.

This is my Letter.

Dear Loretta and Patsy

    I was so happy I got to see you the one afternoon we did have. I am sorry I did not stay longer. I should have but I needed to get to Grandma's house because I knew she was worried about the whole mess and the only thing that would stop her from worrying about it would be to see me.

    I tried to take your pictures that day but my camera did not work because I was stupid and put it under the bus with my luggage on my way to see you. So I don't even have any pictures of you.

     They told me even after what your mother did there was still a chance I could get you. It was such a long shot I didn't even want to take the chance. I am sorry. If I had made the effort maybe you would have been alive today.

     Instead I let them put you in a foster home when your mother didn't want you. I am sorry the home didn't take better care of you and left you alone by the pool. I wish there was some way I could go back and do it over, but in life there are no do overs.

     I do know what the future holds. God gave me a vision a while ago. I will be in heaven a sitting between you two girls at the feet of Jesus and we will be praising His holy name forever. That vision is all that keeps me going some days. I love you two very much and I can't wait to see you in heaven. Your Daddy.

  My E-mail is lorpat777@yahoo.com

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