by Arnold Nelson

      When I was growing up my mom had lots of clocks. Most of them were old. Most of them came from her family. One was about 100 years old when I was a child that would make it about 150 now. They came from her Ancestors. A few were from my Dad's side of the family. They all went bang bang and bong bong and I loved them. She had a few newer ones too that made no sound. Mom would never let us touch the old clocks. Either She wound them or my Dad did. When she was out of the house then I could wind them because she was not there to stop me. I was always very careful because I knew I would be in a lot of trouble if I broke something. My mom loved her clocks.

       One day I was in a clock shop looking around and saw an anniversary clock on display. Whoever brought it in did not want to pay for the repairs so I got it for the cost of repairs. I gave it to her a few weeks later. She loved it She had always wanted one and talked about it a few times so I knew she wanted it.

     We thought you didn't have to wind it but my dad said you have to wind it but you only wind it once a year. Years later my Mom died. All the old clocks went to my sisters by prior arrangement. I got back the anniversary and a couple of cheap clock I had bought her. The cheap clock fell apart and I ended up throwing them away.

     I still have the anniversary clock. I have quite a few other clocks too. None of my clocks are very old but I love them anyway. One day about 4 or 5 years after my mom died I found myself with some extra money. Extra money is rare usually I just enough to pay the bills with a little left over for food. I had always wanted to get mom a big Grandfather clock that sat on the floor but never could afford it when she was alive. Now I had the money, so I went to Pennys and started looking at the clocks. I heard a clerk telling another couple about one so I listened. I liked what I heard. The couple walked away, the clerk started to walk away I said I want one. The clerk stopped and looked at me and said oh I thought you were with the couple. She wrote up the order and a week later my clock was delivered and set up. I loved it It looked so beautiful and sounded so good. I looked through all the papers and there was a card in there you could send in and dedicate your clock to someone. I thought for about 5 seconds then filled out the card and a couple of weeks later a little brass plate came in the mail. I stuck it on the clock and dedicated it in memory of my mom.

     My Dad didn't want to drive anymore so every Christmas we went and picked him for Christmas. He stayed at one of my sisters houses for a few days and then someone would take him home. About a year later I decided to surprise my Dad so I went and picked up my Dad in a limo with a driver. It was the first time either of us was in a limo and we both loved it. The problem was I had to pick him up early so the driver could spend time with his family. So we spent the day at my mobile home. He love the clock but he said you have a flat note. So I looked and found 1 hammer that was slightly out of adjustment and started to slowly adjust it. Every time I did I would let it chime and ask him if it was alright. He was shocked he said you can't here that I said no. After about 15 minutes he finally told me it was good.

       One day one of my sisters was visiting me with her daughter and two grandsons. The oldest grandson who was about 9 or 10 ask what it said on the clock. So I told him to go read it. He read IN MEMORY OF MILDRED NELSON 1918-1982 . He said who is that . My sister said in a shaky voice my mom. It was one of the few times I saw any emotion in my sister. I don't know why but it really surprised me. Most Of my clocks have battery operated movements. I have replaced a few. I need to replace a few more but don't have the money to do it. I recently acquired another grandfather clock from a friend who said it was left with him and he didn't want it so I bought it from him. That clock stopped shortly after I got it. It needs a new mainspring along with my anniversary clock. someday I will have money again and I can start doing things again. One of my dreams is to get a cookoo clock, someday hopefully. Every time our church has a rummage sale I bring home another clock or two so my collection keeps growing.

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