A Real Haunted House

by Arnold Nelson

Sam was meeting Jerry for lunch one day. As they set down for lunch Sam said Hey Jerry I just inherited a house. Jerry said Are you pulling my leg? Sam said No, you know my grandfather died last week and I just found out he had this old house up near San Francisco. Since I'm the only relative left I got the house. I've never seen the house I want go up and see it. Do you want go up and see with me? Jerry said Sure, why not. When are we leaving? Sam said In a week or two I have some stuff I have to get finished up first. Then they ate their lunch and started talking about other things.

One week later they were driving up through California heading for Sam's house. Jerry said Just where is this house? Sam said It is in some town called Rerun. I looked on the map Rerun is about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Jerry said I never heard of Rerun. Sam said That's okay, I never have either. They followed the directions they were given and just about dark they found the house. Sam said Wow, that is an old house, I think the best thing to do would be to tear it down and build something else. Jerry said that's what I have been thinking. I would like to go through the house and see what's in it and see what can be saved before we tear it down and start rebuilding. That is why we are here, so we can go through the house room by room and make a list of everything we want to save.

They unloaded the car and went inside and spread their sleeping bags out on the floor. Then Sam took the little stove, they brought, into the kitchen and started fixing them some eat. After they ate they decided to go to bed and get an early start in the morning. Just after midnight they heard terrible screams. They were both talking at the same time, what is that! What is that! Jerry said You didn't tell me this house is haunted. I didn't know Sam said. The scream sounded like they were from a young girl.

Jerry said Let's see if we can find out where they're coming from. So they started following noise. The screaming had stopped and all you could hear was a little girl crying. They decided the noise was coming from upstairs so they started up the stairs very carefully because they didn't trust the stairs. When they got to the top of the stairs everything was quiet again. They turned around and went back down. They decided there was no more they could do that night, so they laid back down and went back to sleep.

They woke up early. By about three o'clock they had gone through all the rooms in the main level of the house and catalog everything. Sam said Let's go into town and talk to the local people and see if we can get some information about this house. Jerry agreed. So they got in the car and drove to town. The town people could not believe anybody was in that house. They all knew it was haunted, and they all heard the screams. It been haunted as long as anybody could remember.

Somebody said her grandmother told her a story about the house. Then she told the story. About 1900 a man build the house for his family, he had a wife and a young daughter. The family was not very friendly, they stayed by themselves most of the time. Around 1903 the mother disappeared, nobody knew what happened. Then around 1906 the girl disappeared. The father just took off a few months later. Nobody ever heard from him again.

Sam said My grandfather bought the place in the 1960s, he thought the land would be valuable one day. He always figured he would come back and tear down the house and build a nice house. He never had the chance to. He got sick and recently died and he left the house to me. I intend to tear down that old house and I will build the house my grandfather wanted.

That night the screaming started again about midnight. Sam and Jerry got up and went to the top of the stairs and started looking from there, but again the screams stopped before they could find out where they coming from. The next few days they went through and catalog everything in the upstairs and went up in the attic and went through everything up there. Every night the screams came back and every night they stopped before Sam and Jerry could find out where they came from.

Finally on the fifth night they traced the screams to a little girl's bedroom at the end of the hall, they went in the bedroom and there was a little girl laying on the bed, facing the wall. The little girl was crying. Sam and Jerry walked up to her and started to ask what was wrong, and if they could help. All of a sudden the girl turned around and started screaming at Sam and Jerry. They looked into her face, it was white as could be, her eyes were big, red and bloodshot, She had a very scared look on her face. Then all of a sudden she disappeared, as Sam and Jerry were trying to figure out what to do. Sam and Jerry looked at each other and they both had a shocked look on their face. They were so shocked they couldn't say a word they just walked back downstairs.

When they got downstairs Jerry said Look, what is that on the counter? Sam said I don't know it was not there before. So they went over and started looking at it, it turned out to be an old family Bible and it was open to the family page.

Sam started reading the entries.

He read:

Sarah Lynn Morgan born February 15, 1875,

married Bill Jones April 21, 1892,

died October 10, 1903.

One daughter Carol Sue Morgan born December 2, 1893.

When he got done Jerry said Well least we know who lived here before, maybe if we keep looking we can find out what happened to them.

They were both too keyed up to sleep anymore that night, so they went down in the basement started going to the stuff in the basement. Sam was on one side of the room and Jerry on the other. Sam suddenly yelled Jerry get over here! Jerry went over there and he said What is a Sam? Sam said I saw a light under that wall. Jerry said That's impossible there is nothing but dirt behind these walls. I swear I saw a light. Sam said Let's turn our flashlights off and look again. So they turn their lights out and waited about 30 seconds, then 1 minute, and then a minute 30. Just as they were about to turn their lights on again. They saw the light coming out from under the wall. Sam said Let's find something to break this wall down and find out what's behind it.

They finally found an ax and chopped through the wall. When they got through the wall they were startled to find a skeleton on the floor. The lower half was buried underneath the dirt, it looked like the dirt ceiling had collapsed on it. Near the the head of the skeleton they found a bag full of diaries sitting on top of an old family Bible that looked just like the one that was upstairs. There was also a lantern nearby. Jerry reached down and felt the lantern he said That's weird, the lantern is still warm. Sam felt it and he was shocked You're right he said How can that be? That skeleton has been there a long long time. They both went upstairs to call the police, after they called the police Sam looked on the counter for the Bible. It was gone. Did you move the Bible somewhere. He asked Jerry. Jerry said No, I didn't touch it. Well it's gone now Sam said.

The sheriff and the coroner got to the house about the same time. Sam and Jerry took them downstairs to show them what they found. They told the Sheriff about all the strange things that have been happening since they came to the house. The sheriff said Normally I would not believe a story like that, but since it involves this house I would believe almost anything. The coroner said I think the best thing to do. When it gets light, we will bring a back hoe over here and start digging from the outside until we get down to the skeleton. We can move the whole skeleton safely from the outside. The sheriff took the diaries and the Bible and the lantern to use as evidence. Then they both left.

At dawn the coroner was back with back hoe. They started digging outside the house. Before they did, they measured everything so they knew they would have the right place. When they got to the right place they realized that the ground was about 6 inches lower over the skeleton. They dug down with the back hoe next to the skeleton until they were about a foot below the skeleton. Then they dug right above the skeleton until they figured they were within about 6 inches of it. Then they got in there with shovels and brushes. Then they cleared her rest of the dirt away and lifted the skeleton out of there. The sheriff told Jerry and Sam to stick around until they could find out what happened. So they did.

The coroner took the skeleton away so that he could try and identify it and find out why it died. The sheriff was going to read the diaries to see if he could find out what happened.

After the skeleton was removed the house suddenly felt happier. There were no more screams at night. Both Sam and Jerry remarked about the different feeling in the house, but they had no words to explain it.

A few days later the sheriff and coroner finished their reports and submitted them. Then they went back over to the house. They wanted to tell Jerry an Sam what they found out and tell them they were free to go whenever they wanted.

The sheriff started This is a very sad story. The skeleton is apparently the skeleton of Carol. Her father built this house about 1900 and they moved in as soon as it was done. Apparently they were pretty happy until about 1903 when the mother got sick and died. The father refused to give his wife a decent burial. He buried her in a shallow grave in the backyard. Carol thought this was terrible. She swore to herself that someday she would give her mother a decent burial and a decent gravestone. At the time all she could give her mother was an old piece of wood with her name on it and her birth date and the year she died. She found an old rose bush back in the yard an she planted it right over her mother's grave because her mother loved roses.

After her mother died, her father was drunk all time and start taking advantage of her and making her have sex with them. At times he would even bring others over and allowed them to take advantage of his daughter. She tried to run away twice but she was always caught and when she was brought back. She was beaten pretty severely. The third time she had a plan she would hide in plain sight for month and when her father got tired of looking she could take off and he would never find her again. So she took down part of the wall in the basement and dug that hole that is down there. She fixed the wall so she could put it up and it would look like it had never been taken down .

On March 19, 1906 everything was ready. She hid in a hole and came out only when she was sure he was out of the house. On April 18, the day she was going to leave the earth started shaking and part of her cave collapsed on her legs.

Her last entry in the diary said I am trapped down here I know I will never get out of here alive. It is better to die here then be abused by my father. I will go see my mother in heaven now. I will be happy for the first time in a long time. My mother is waiting for me. If someone finds this please take my mother's remains and give her decent burial. I don't care what happens to mine I don't need them anymore but I want my mother to have a decent burial.

Then the coroner started that corresponds with what I have found. The skeleton is a young girl about 13 years old who has been terribly abused. She has several broken bones. I sure feel sorry for the poor girl. Then he asked Why is that date, April 18 1906 so familiar.

The Sheriff said That was the day of the San Francisco Earthquake. I'll bet that is what cause her cave to collapse.

After the coroner finished Sam said I have an idea let's see if we can find the mother's remains. Then we will give them both a decent burial. Carol said she planted a rose bush over her mother's grave and there's a wooden plaque there. It shouldn't be too hard to find. Both the sheriff and the coroner agreed it would be a nice thing to do.

The sheriff and the coroner left. Sam and Jerry went out in the backyard to find grave. They found one rosebush there, it was the biggest rosebush they'd ever seen. After they transplanted the rose bush they found the wooden plaque. Then they dug down about a foot and came upon the skeleton.

The coroner came back and got the skeleton and did an autopsy on it. The report said it looked like she died of pneumonia. But the skeleton was so old he couldn't be sure. She was not abused physically was all he was sure about.

The two skeletons were released a couple of days later. There was a story in the local paper. The day of the funeral there were about 200 people at the cemetery. to say goodbye to the mother and child, and to give them a decent burial. They buried the mother and daughter together in the same coffin. They figured the two needed to be together. Sam bought a very nice stone to put on top of the grave.

About two months after the funeral Sam took when he could from the house and had the house torn down and started building a new house on the property. Six months later the house was finished and he moved in with his wife. They lived happily ever after.

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