by Toy Lemmons

          It was the summer of 1753.Fading streams of royal reds and cultured yellows blended beautifully, gently, barely covering the plush yawning sun as a gown. A knowing warm breeze stretched and yawned naturally through the swaying green plains, pass the tall swirled metal gates, through the well nourished garden, and finally way up towards their balcony, mostly coursing the country white drapes of their room. Oh how,La Cordoba, was gigantic and beautiful. Oh how comfortably cornered with orderly , well hued flowers she was. So why did she stand their, puffed with a clean white makeup, so nostalgically?Was it that she was filled with a different taste?A pointless taste to acquire. A taste, not seen nor housed in it for many years. Oh, how the warmth of the wind, the decadent sky, the sea of bloomed flowers, the well crafted gates all could not have been more prestigious, more rare in all the land. But what could have been more rare, more beautiful, more forever, behind the long standing walls?

Yet again the time had been lost in another summer night.The yawning sun, the swirling hues of the setting sky had fallen into a sweet summer's sleep. The color over the lantern-lit estate was black. Hazy specks of diamond-like-stars sparsely dotted the night sky. The sounds of crickets and swishing of fountained water faintly strummed in the garden, behind the swirled, black metal gates. Off in the distance down the cobble stoned trail, was a light. The light grew brighter and wider as it approached the hill on which she stood. They carried their lanterns above their heads in one hand and long black rods in the other. Their faces looked like smeared portraits as they approached from the distance. Wider, the light grew. Louder grew the sounds of boots crushing the cobble beneath them.It was here, and more certain than before. No, more real that before. No, more scary than before. It was here. They were here.

Suddenly the crowed split into forming an isle. Men from behind the crowed uniformly walked up to the gate and hammered it with long logs of wood, plunging it into the swirling gate. They stared at the two. They glared at them. Yelling in anger, plunging heavy wood into the tall gate. Every second of them being together fueled their rage.They yelled, glaring at them they stood, motionless, on her balcony, as their gowns blew in the night wind. The glowing lanterns from their room bloomed, outlining their bodies. Their crowns hazed in the night brightly as a white glow.

" You know they do not give a damn about us." He said in an accepting as they both proudly looked on. " They never wanted it...us. They could not sum up enough intelligence to think that we could be different."They never--"

"Gave a damn", She said finishing, inhaling and exhaling faster, trying to grow up." Father never wanted me to marry you. He said that 'things would be different from my sisters'. That I would choose whom I married. That I would be loved no matter what.'He said... a lot of things, but no...not--"

"One say from me."he timely whispered.

"Well fuck them!" She said inhaling and exhaling fast, turning towards him then facing the crowed at the gate and smiling." I wear the crown of my country! I am queen!

He smiled, looking at the gate in the distance, gripping her hand tightly."Parliament never understood. Old men with long bags under their eyes... and petty white wigs. Yelling,' Purity this... Interest in the New World that'. 'Your Grace! Your Grace! Your Grace!' Fuck them! My death with ruin them!" He said smiling into the darkness.

The gate slammed , crashing against the walls, as the last plunge of wood broke the lock. They swarmed into the courtyard, yelling angrily. Her heart dropped they stormed courtyard. She gripped his hand tightly, inhaling, and exhaling deeply!

He turned towards her, gripped both of her hands, stared into her Spanish eyes, and said" All these last few months my heart has been drunk with fear of so much.I feel this fear in my heart now, but I also feel this tiny bubble of joy in my heart... here" he pointed to his heart with her hand.

"This, is you, and I know it to be so because I felt this same bubble when I first met you for the first time here. It is the only thing that has kept me here, with you , and from not jumping to my death even now."Her face frowned as a pleasant, warm tear joyously, willingly slipped from her eye and down to her check.

"I will love you forever, my Grace."

"Ready... Aim...!" They said finally making their way towards their room.

"I love you too,my Grace..."

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