My Visitors

by Arnold Nelson

                                  I had a family visit today,

                            On their way back from vacation,

                       They stopped in to say hi! and spread some new,

                         It's too bad this isn't their final destination.

                                     There was April Love,

                                  She lives up to her name.

                                    She loves one and all,

                                         Exactly the same.

                                     There was Amanda Gail,

                               Named after her mom and Grandpa.

                                        A very fine girl,

                              If she keeps her head up she will go far.

                                 There was also Jesse Kenneth,

                                   A good looking young man.

                                    If he keeps his eyes open,

                                  Someday he'll see God's plan.

                               They brought along a cousin Andy Justin,

                                      A bright young teenager.

                                 He came along to have fun and also,

                                     to be the official babysitter.

                              There were also the parents Robin and Ken,

                                         Fine parents they are.

                         They should be very proud of the job they have done,

                            For they have three fine kids, and they will all go far.

                                There is also the Grandparents, Gail and Arlene,

                                Together they all make up, the clan called Melugin.

                                           It's such a shame, It's such a pity.

                                They can't stay here, In beautiful Bullhead City.

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