by Arnold Nelson

     Just over twenty-one years ago my niece came up to me and asked me to be god-father to her baby girl she was expecting. I didn't have to think about it very long. I love kids and this was something that sounded very good to me. So I became god-pa as my niece used to put it to a beautiful baby girl. From the first I loved her with all my heart. I could not understand why her father never wanted anything to do with her. How could anyone turn their back on such a beautiful baby girl?

      I was with her a lot the first 5 years of her life. Anytime we went anywhere she was by my side. Most of the time holding my hand. Her brother usually stay close to her mother, but she was by my side. Anytime I suggested going anywhere she was ready to go. It didn't matter where as long as we were together. She used to crawl all over me and I loved it.

    One day I said you are a little monkey aren't you. She said no I am a little girl. She was always very mature for her age. One day I came over and she said her mother didn't want her to crawl and jump on me anymore. She said she was getting too big and might hurt me. I felt bad because I enjoyed it to, but I went along with her mother because I knew she was right. She used to argue with her mother about who's uncle I was. When they got done they just laughed about it.

     I used to be a messenger and spent all day in my car. So one day I decided to tape a picture of her to my dash. When she saw it she loved it. about a year later I got a new car and drove it up to show them. First thing she said was where is my picture. I explained that I just got the car and had not had the time to put a picture in yet.

    The next time I went to see her I brought my Instamatic and took a picture of her (She always loved getting her picture taken). Then she helped me tape it on the dash. Then her brother felt bad because his picture wasn't there so I put his picture up there too.

    One day I took them to Las Vegas to visit her mother's cousin. We had a great time. On the way out of town we stopped to see the dolphins. While we were watching the dolphins I stepped back just out of her sight. All of the sudden she started yelling where's my uncle I want my uncle. I quietly said her name and right away she quieted down and grabbed my hand is was a while before she let go of it.

     Shortly after that I moved to Arizona and didn't get to see her much. Then they moved to Sacramento and it got to be years between visits. But we talked on the phone a lot. As she grew older she never got the normal diseases. She had to get some weird disease no one ever heard of.

     She is going to school and working to pay her way. She just got a Government grant so that should help her. I always wanted to help her with her education but I never had the funds to do it. She loves ancient Egypt. She also love Archeology. She is planning on going on a dig in Mexico this summer if she can raise the funds. Money is tight all over I sure hope she can do it. She would have a blast. I was kidding her one day I said it would be a lot cheaper if you just dug in Sacramento. She just laughed.

     For about a month before her 21st birthday. She and her friends were talking on facebook about all the partying and drinking they would do when she turned 21. One day I got on there and said Whatever you do please be careful. She answered back that her friends were weird and she would only have one or two drinks and that I was not to worry about her. I answered her That does not work, when you love someone as much as I love you, you are going to worry.

    She has not had an easy life. Jaymi and her brother were left alone a lot while her mom worked. She grew up to be a very beautiful and intelligent women. I am very proud of her and I know she will succeed in anything she decides to do. I told her once that I will stay here in Arizona as long as I can take care of myself. When I get where I need help I will move where ever she is and she can help take care of me. She loved that idea.

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