Angels Among Us

by Arnold Nelson

     He was on his way to Hawaii with his wife and 2 of her sisters. It looked like it would be a very good trip. One day while they were there they heard about a beautiful waterfall and decided to go see it. So they drove to the trail head and started walking up the path. part way up the sisters decided not to go all the way up and told him they would wait in the parking lot. It was already starting to get late but he didn't care he wanted to see the waterfall. So he continued walking. As he walked he met a lot of people coming down. As he walked farther there were less and less people coming down. Then there was no one coming down. He kept walking he had to see the falls. Finally he made it to the falls. he said it was worth the trip and very beautiful.

      As he started back down it got dark. If you have every been away from the city lights you know how fast it gets dark and how dark it gets. he said he could not even see his feet. He was just feeling his way down the trail. All of a sudden he saw a man walking up the trail with a flashlight. When they got together the man with the flashlight said he would help the other man down. They started walking down again he was shining the flashlight so the first man could see where to walk. A little bit later another man came up the trail with a flashlight. One got in front the other in back and they helped him down the trail. When He got down the sisters were so relieved especially his wife. They talk to the one man for awhile and thanked him for getting the man down. When they turned to thank the other man he disappeared and no one knew who he was or where he came from.

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