An Angel in Disguise

by Arnold Nelson

     He was a lonely old man he already outlived 2 wives and he was alone again. He loved going to Laughlin. He did not care much for driving anymore. So whenever possible he took a bus trip. He was a big man and the buses were a little small but he put up with them. It was only a 5 hour trip to Laughlin which was one of his favorite Gambling places especially after his son moved there and started working in the casinos.

    On one bus trip he met a good looking lady about his age. She was suppose to go with her girlfriend. At the last minute her girlfriend back out. So she was traveling alone this trip. They sat together because they were the only 2 people traveling alone that day. They started talking almost as soon as the bus started moving and they kept talking until they got to the noon stop. he offered to to buy her lunch and she accepted. After lunch they got back on the bus and talked all the way to Laughlin. They spent most of the trip together and they both had a good time. On the way home he said if you need any work done in your home call me, I will fix it if I can. So he came over whenever possible to do odd jobs for her.

     She told him how much she loved Laughlin, one day he called her and ask her how fast can she be ready to leave. They were going to Laughlin and he would pick her up 15 minutes. When he got there she was ready. So they got in the car and headed for Laughlin.

     As they were going down the freeway he suddenly pulled over and stopped the car. he said You like to drive don't you. she said yes. He said get out. She said she had the most shocked and confused look on her face you ever saw. Then he said you are driving.

    From then on anytime they drove out of town she drove. After that he used any excuse to come over and see her. One day he propositioned her. he told her he would give her half his Cadillac for half her mobile home. She accepted and he sold his mobile home and moved in with her. They were both very happy.

    Then all of a sudden he started getting sick. He had a long battle with Cancer. They almost had it cured once then it came back again. She lost her husband to cancer so she knew exactly what to expect. She stayed right by his side through the whole thing.

    He was happy, for the first time in his life he did not have to worry about a thing, she took care of everything. Every time they came to Laughlin they would give me the Cadillac keys. I would take it home and bring it back the next day full of gas. We used to have some great times when they were here. She would run short of money and asked me to do her banking for her (go to the ATM and get more money for her).

       After a while he got too sick to come out here any more and the fun stopped, But she stayed right by his side. Hospice came in and took over most of his care toward the end. She would still do as much as she could for him.

     After he died she sold her mobile home and the Cadillac and went to Mississippi to help her son and his wife. His wife was dying of cancer too and could not be left alone anymore.

     That lady was really an angel in disguise the way she took care of my Dad. I lost track of her a couple of years ago. Last time I talked with her she said she didn't want anymore phone calls because it was too hard for her to hear. I am very bad at letter writing and I don't think she has E-mail

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