by Arnold Nelson

     There once was a man who had a horse farm. He raised race horses. He loved his farm. he loved his horses. One morning he went out to look at the new colts. He had some beautiful colts this year. They would make some fine racehorses he thought to himself as he walked around checking each one. Then he got to the last stall. In there was a colt that was a little smaller than the rest. He thought well that's all right he will also grow up and become a fine racehorse. He name the little colt Ulysses.

     Soon it came time to start training the colts. He had all the young colts brought to him. While they were standing there he walked up and down looking them all over. They all looked like great stock except for Ulysses who had not grown. The man told his hand to take Ulysses back to the stalls he will never be a good racehorse. After that they all started calling Ulysses Useless because he was so small and would never amount to anything.

     One day while one of the hands were feeding and watering the horses he felt a nudge on his back. Then another nudge. The hand turned around and there was Useless. Somehow he had gotten out of his stall. The hand though someone was playing tricks on him. So when he got through taking care of the other horses he put Useless back in his stall. He asked the other hands if they had let Useless out. They all said no.

     The next day as he was feeding the horses the same thing happened. The hand thought to himself I am off tomorrow I will hide in an empty stall and find out what is going on. So he did. What he saw he could not believe. Shortly after the hand started to feed the horses. He was looking at Useless's stall and he saw a big brown nose coming over the door. Useless grabbed the latch with his lips and pulled it over and let himself out. Useless walked behind the other hand as proud as can be and started nudging the other hand on the back.

    The hand went to tell the owner what was going on. They both had a laugh. Then the hand said I can fix the latch so Useless can't get out anymore if you want. The owner said no don't worry about it. Ulysses wouldn't hurt anybody or anything. Just let him have his fun. Remember to put him back when you are through I don't what him running loose at night when he could get hurt. So after that, every day when the horses were fed Useless would follow along behind and when they were through they would put him back.

     One day there was a great fire in the barn none of the hands could get in there to let the horses out. The man though he was going to loose all his horses. He looked up into the heavens and he prayed God please save my horses. As he looked back towards the barn he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Though the smoke one by one his horses started running out of the barn. The last horse was a small horse that he knew was Ulysses.

      After the fire was out he went to check out his horses. One by one he checked them out. They were all fine. Then he saw Ulysses. He hair was all singed and his lips were all cut and bleeding. Right away he knew what happen. Ulysses had open all the stalls with his lips and let the other horses out. He knelt down and hugged Ulysses and he got up with tears in his eyes and he Thanked God for Ulysses. He called his men together and he told them no one is to ever call him Useless again his name is Ulysses.

     They built a new barn bigger and better than ever. Ulysses was given the best stall in the barn. From that day forward nobody dared to call him Useless again. Everyday he would get out of his stall and follow the hands around as they took care of the other horses.

     I want all you who read this to know. No one is useless. God put everyone on this planet for a reason. Everyone has talents and if they use them wisely they will be happy.

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