The Blue Bowl

by Arnold Nelson

A couple of weeks ago I went to work and there was a blue bowl sitting on the shelf with the applesauce, in this bowl was an ice cream scoop. Now, I usually pick up all these things that are laying around, but I decided to let it sit there and see how long it is before someone else picks it up and then I decided to write a story about it. So here's the story.

The applesauce refused to speak to the bowl, but that was okay. The bowl made friends with the ice cream scoop and they talked for hours and hours. They wished they could get back with their friends, so maybe they could find new homes, but they couldn't do by themselves. They had to wait for someone to take them.

I came in about a week later and the ice cream scoop was gone and the bowl had been moved about 2 feet, near the scale. Now the bowl was so sad. Everybody knows scales don't talk, so he had nobody to talk to. All he wanted to do was get back with the other bowls, but no one would take him. I moved him back next the applesauce, hoping he would make friends with applesauce, but the applesauce still would not talk to him.

Another week past and he was moved over by the scale again but this time he had a can opener with him, the can opener and the bowl were talking. They were happy, but all they really wanted was to get back with their friends, so they could find a new home, but no one would take them.

I came in a couple of days later. The bowl and the can opener were gone. The bowl finally got back where it belonged, with the other bowls. They can opener went back with the other can openers.

The bowl finally got purchased, finally got a new home, and now the bowl is very, very happy. The new owners filled the bowl with all kinds of good stuff and the bowl is constantly smiling.

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