The Mistress

by Ama Plange

I do not believe in falling in love and my relationship is like a business deal. I have several credit cards, a nice home, jewellery and clothes so this will definitely be a long-term investment in my future, that will give me great stability, and I can do whatever I want. My 'companion' is a very generous individual. There is the NCCS code that, I give my companion in return and it is 'Nurturing', Comfort', 'Care' and 'plenty of Sex'. These are certain things that I will do for my acquaintance that, their lawful wedded partners will never do, because it's due to their beliefs, self-respect or whatever.

This is very hard work, and I'm never off-duty it all involves self-discipline, always attentive, the active good listener, and constantly looking after myself, so it's important to look great and feel good. I have my own personal trainer which, my confidant pays for all circuit and weight training that I do three times a week. The sacrifice is great; I left behind a job, and my friends. My mother died when I was twenty. She was the only family I had. Now I am by myself - Alone.

Occasionally, my companion and I go to the top classy restaurants and the private clubs in London, where we have a drink and enjoy each other's sociable intercourse. Part of the downside of being a private friend is being able to cope with loneliness for long periods of time and it is impossible to call on the mobile phone or at work or home because of employment and family commitments. They have two teenage children, who are at boarding school. I have met my companion's partner, who is very easy-going, down-to-earth and surprisingly accepts our agreeable situation. In normal society, many partners would divorce their other half's on the grounds of adultery and love affairs. It is obvious that I will always be the rival.

There are certain person(s) in my companion's past life, who would probably have taken the opportunity to become the 'intimate associate' and refused, but I grabbed the offer with both hands because I am intelligent, confident and an attractive asset. I'm still quite young for 34. We have been together for over two years and so far so good.

When the 'Mistress of the house' comes home to me, in our beautiful three-bedroom studio flat which, she bought in Endeavour Green, London; I must prepare myself to look handsome, welcoming, warm and hopefully sexy. It is obvious that she has had a stressful day at work she is a very wealthy businesswoman. So I take her jacket and shoes off, then she has a drink of red wine while listening to the calming sounds of classical music and then followed by a gentle head, shoulder and foot massage. I'm not a very good cook, but I can make light snacks. Her favourite is smoked salmon and cottage cheese with green salad and chocolate mousse with dairy cream.

Many people might think that I should be ordinary like everybody else and have a regular job, have a wife and children. Marriages break-up, then divorce it such a dreadful heart-breaking time and we get hurt. I should know because I was involved in a 'wedlock' connection where I was betrayed in every way. She always said that she loved me but that wasn't love, the arguments, and domestic violence, (sighs) it was so unhealthy. - Four years of total hell and unhappiness. I didn't want it anymore. It all had to end I don't see her anymore because she have moved to France, Paris. I made the decision to gain control of my life once again and no longer be a victim to my ex-wife.

There is no shame in what I do. It is interesting that I don't live this ordinary life that is accepted by society. If people say that I'm a male whore and shameless, it does not worry me, they don't know my situation. Once upon a time, I was a depressing human being and now I am very happy with my life and I am a lucky person.

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