Phooey and the Missing Bikes

by Arnold Nelson

    There had been a lot of bikes taken from Phooey's neighborhood in the last month. So Phooey decided to find out who was taking them and where they were hiding the bikes. While he was watching TV he came up with a plan. He talked to his Mom to make sure it was ok. She said it was alright as long as he and his friends were real careful.

     Phooey went out in the garage and got his bike ready. He turned it upside down and painted 3 stripes on the kickstand. then he painting his initials on the bottom of the frame so he could easily identify it later.

     The next day he had a meeting with his friends in the neighborhood (3 of them had lost bikes) and told them what his plan was . He asked for volunteers. They all said yes they wanted to help. So Phooey had them pair off and made sure each pair had a cell phone. He made sure he had all the numbers and they all had his. There were 8 boys and Phooey so it worked out great. He told each group of 2 to go a block from his house in different directions and keep their eyes open. He was going to leave his bike in the front yard and see if the thieves would take it.

     The next day was Saturday so they thought that was a good day to do it. He told each pair to be at their station by 9 am. That was when he would leave his bike out in the yard. So at 9 the next morning he left his bike out and went in the garage to wait and watch. He called each pair and made sure they were ready and told them that if any of them had to leave to let him know and to never leave their corner unguarded. At about 11 some big kids came walking by, they were talking but Phooey couldn't here what they were saying. They just kept walking. 30 minutes later one came back and looked around then grabbed the bike and headed off.

     Phooey took a picture before the boy left with Phooey's bike. Phooey called Tim and Tom and told them the bike was headed in there directing. When the bike went by they were to follow but not too close. and when they found where the bikes were to call. Phooey said he would be a little ways behind them following. So Phooey got on his sister's bike and headed off in the same direction.

      A few minutes later Phooey's cell phone rang. We have them, they took the bike to 2345 Cypress. We are about 2 houses away what do you want us to do. Phooey said Just wait I am right behind you. I see you now. When Phooey got up to Tim and Tom he told them to wait and if he wasn't back in ten minutes to call the police. He told them to call the rest of the boys and to have them all wait for him there.

      Phooey said he was going to try and get some pictures because that would make the case stronger. So he left the bike with Tim and Tom and walked up there and looked in the garage and saw many bikes including his own. He took some pictures of the bikes. Then he noticed what looked like a club house in the back yard. Phooey knew he was in danger but wanted some pictures of the kids. So he quietly went in the backyard and up to the window and looked in, There were four big kids in there about 12 years old. He took the pictures and got out of there fast.

    When Phooey got back to the boys he called the police and told them he knew where the bikes were and gave them the address. They said they would sent someone to check it out. Then Phooey told them there were 4 big boys and if the big boys tried to leave before the police got there they would have to help keep them there. Suddenly the big boys started to leave. Phooey and the boys went on the attack and jumped on the bigger boys and got them all on the ground.

     When the police arrived they laughed, they could not believe their eyes there were 2 small boys on each of the big boys and the biggest boy had 3 on him. Phooey told the police about leaving his bike out for bait and following the boy that took it. Phooey gave the police his camera and said there are pictures in there of the bikes and of the boys. He told the police how he painted his bike so it could be identified. The police had all the evidence they needed and took the boys and the bikes away. Later the police found the owners of all the bikes. The parents of the big boys had to pay a fine and the boys had to spend some time in Juvenile Hall. Phooey and his friends all got medals at a big fancy dinner that was held in the their honor.

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