Phooey in Hawaii Part 2

by Arnold Nelson

The next day the Belooees went off to see the Pearl Harbor Memorial. When they got there Phooey said they built it out in water, how do we get there.

Mr. Balooee laughed and said we buy tickets for a boat trip out there.

So they went over and bought the tickets. There are so many people that want to see the memorial that when you buy a ticket they give you time and you have to be at the boat at that time in order togo out there.

Mr. Balooee said our boat does not leave for three hours. Let's check out the welcome center while we wait.

Before they walked in Phooey said that Biulding looks awful strange, high on both ends and low the middle, Do you know why, Dad?

Phooey's Father said they built it out there in the water right over where the Arizona went down, it is a reminder of that terrible day, December 7, 1941. I don't know why it was built that way, let's go inside and see if we can find out.

So they went inside on one wall was a list of names of everybody that was killed that day, there are 2402 people killed, and there were another 1178 injured. They saw the huge anchor that on display there that came off of the Arizona. Phooey could not believe how big it was. There was also a bell that came off the Arizona on display.

As they walking around they were in awe looking all the stuff that was there, they read all the could read about everything.

Phooey's father finally said here it is Phooey, the reason the memorial is shaped like it is, high and both ends low in the middle, is because before the attack morale was high so the end of the memorial is high. After the attack morale was low so the middle of the memorial is low. After the war morale was high again so the other end of the memorial is high.

Phooey said whoa! that is neat, Wait until I tell Grandpa about this.

Phooey's father said it's time to go out to the memorial let's get to the boat dock, we don't want to miss the boat.

When they got out there and into the memorial Phooey said look there's an opening in the floor you can see right down into the Arizona.

Phooey's father was saying they let anyone who was on the ship and survived to have his ashes put on the ship when they die. They used to let people throw leis over the side but they found out the strings are bad for the fish, so now they only allow people to throw flowers into the water.

On the wall in the shrine they found another list of names these were names of the people who were on the Arizona and were killed that day.

Soon it was time to get back on the boat and go back to shore.

On the way back to their rental car Phooey's Mother said that was a real sobering experience, I'm glad we came in got to see it.

Phooey said what this sobering mean?

His Mother said it means the memorial really wakes you up, it makes you see how much our freedom cost. Freedom is not free!

Then his Mother said let's go have some fun now.

On the way back to the hotel they stopped at Waimea Beach. They got out and looked at the waves. Phooey said wow! Those waves are huge. Phooey's father said this beach has some of the biggest ways in the world today they're kind of small only about the size of our house maybe 10 feet, when they get big they can be 4 to 5 times that big. That's why all the surfers like to come out here and try the waves. I wanted to take you here to show you what big waves look like, but I guess we picked the wrong day, maybe we can get out of here again before we leave Hawaii and maybe the waves will be bigger.

That sat and watched the waves for a while then went back to their hotel.

The next day Phooey's father said how would you like to see a live volcano?

Phooey and sister both said yes let's go.

So they went out to see the Kilauea volcano. On the way out there Phooey's father was telling them a little bit about the volcano.

He said it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and when we get there you'll see actual rivers of lava. You won't be able to get very close because it is very hot, but it is something worth seeing.

When they got there they went into the welcome center. Then they went out and hiked around for a little bit.

Phooey's Father said see those red lines up there in the mountain they are the rivers of lava, lava is melted rock that comes from deep in the earth and it takes a lot of heat to melt rock that's why it's so hot around here.

After a while they left Kilauea and went back to their hotel. Phooey and his sister could not believe what they had been seeing, they could not stop talking about it.

A few days later they were relaxing around the pool again all of a sudden a bunch of the security people came out, they were searching everything, one of them stopped at each group of people and asked if they had seen a little girl running around about eight or nine years old. They said she has autism, and she ran away from her mother a couple hours ago, and nobody can find her.

Phooey's eyes got big, after the security left. He went to his Mother and he asked her. do you think they'll let me help look for the little girl,

His Mother said I don't know Phooey, you heard she has autism and that could make it very difficult when they find her.

Phooey said What is autism?

His Mother said It is a disease where sometimes people act normally and other times something sets them off and they retreat inside themselves and don't want anything to do with anybody. Some autistic kids can speak, some can't. Autistic kids like to put things in order, nobody is sure why, some of them have a special talent, like for music. It could be very rough, if you find her, trying to get her to come with you. If you still want to try we can go talk to the security, and see what they say, I'm sure they can use all the help they can get.

Phooey said Yes I would like to help.

So Phooey and his mom went to the security office and talk to the man in charge. He remembered Phooey from a few days ago when he help to catch the robbers.

Phooey's mother said back home he helped to find other missing children and was very successful I think he can help you to if you give him a chance.

The security man thought about it for a few minutes and then he said okay Phooey, we will give you a chance, but there are couple rules you have to follow. Number one: you can only check in places that are unlocked. Number two: if someone asked you to leave an area you have to do it. Number three: if you find anything at all you need to notify me as soon as possible. And four: If I hear anything negative about, or your getting in anybody's way, or are bothering anybody I will pull you off right away, is that understood. I will write a note giving you permission to search. If there is any problems the note should take care of it. Good luck.

Phooey said yes I understand, thank you sir . He had a big smile on his face when he got the note from the security.

When they left the office Phooey's Mother said where you going to start your search?

Phooey said I think I'll start around the pool area then decide where to go from there, thank you Mom.

So phooey started looking. He looked in and around everything around the pool area he could get to and then he decided she must not be in that area so we went to the lobby and started looking in and around the lobby. Anywhere a little girl my hide, but he had no luck in the lobby. So then he searched all the dining rooms. There is no luck there either. So we went back to the kitchen started looking around.

One of the chefs came up to him and asked him what he was doing, guest for not supposed to be in the kitchen. Phooey to show him the note. The chef said fine, I wish you luck, please stay out of our way, we have a lot of people cook for.

Phooey said okay and kept looking. He went to the back of a kitchen. He saw a door back there. He tried it and it was open so he went in and started looking around. Inside that room with the role of carts that were used for room service. He looked at them and thought that looks almost like a tunnel, kids love tunnels. So he went to one in and looked in it was dark and he couldn't see anything so he got in and start crawling through the carts. When he got to the last cart there she was leaning against the wall crying.

Phooey said hi you must be Holly. Everyone is looking for you.

Holly nodded yes and then she said My Mom is mean, I'm not going back, ever.

Phooey said Well what are you going to do? You can stay here the rest of your life.

Holly said I don't know, I'm hungry.

Phooey said I brought a couple of cookies along, do you want one?

Holly nodded "yes." So Phooey took the bag of cookies out from under his shirt he gave Holly one and he started eating one. He said Your mom is really worried about you she has a whole hotel looking for you.

When Holly finished her cookie she said Do you have any more? Phooey shook his head no.That was all I brought he said. I know what we can get more cookies, do you want to come with me?

Holly nodded yes. Then they started crawling out of the carts. When they got out of the carts Phooey said I can call my friend while we are having cookies and he can bring your mom down, if that's okay.

Holly nodded yes. So Phooey took Holly into one of the restaurants and asked the waitress to bring them some milk and cookies. Then he gave the waitress and note, and asked her to call the security office, and tell them they were here, and the security officer would do the rest.

A few minutes later the security officer came into the restaurant with Holly's Mother. Holly and her mother were reunited again. Holly's Mother and the security officer could not stop thanking Phooey for all that he did in finding Holly.

When the Balouees started to check out a few days later they were surprised when the clerk handed Mr. Balouee a letter and said all your charges are paid

Phooey's Father said How can that be. Then he opened up a letter from the head of security and in it was all the money they had spent at the hotel.

Phooey's Father said What is this? Then the head of hotel security walked up and said Sir after all Phooey did for us we cannot accept anything from you, we are returning everything you spent here. I think if you ever decide to come back to Hawaii you will find every hotel on the Island feels the same way. None of them will accept your money, but will be very happy to put you up in their finest suite.

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