Phooey in Hawaii Part 1

by Arnold Nelson

     Phooey had been after his parents to take him to Hawaii ever since he got back from his grandfathers house. Finally one day his father came home and said I have two weeks off let's go to Hawaii. His mother said You're not going to rush me again like you did when we went to Boston. His father laughed and said No you have plenty of time, we're not leaving for a week. Everybody was happy and excited. Phooey asked Can we see the Pearl Harbor Memorial? His father said "That's the first thing on our agenda. I think we will rest at the hotel the first day and just get used to the time change and the weather, then the second day will go see the Pearl Harbor.

     One week later they were on a plane headed for Hawaii they were all very excited it was first trip to Hawaii for Phooey and his sister. His parents told them that they had there honeymoon in Hawaii but they had not been back since then. When they got off the plane in Hawaii everyone got a lei. Mr. Balooee said They used put lei's around everybody's neck and give everybody kisses to welcome them. Now they hand you the lei and say welcome.

     The hotel had a car waiting for them to take him to the hotel when they got out of the airport. As a they were riding to the hotel the kids were looking all over the place they couldn't believe how green everything was. When they reached the hotel they got their room and since it was already early evening they went down to the hotel restaurant and had dinner then they went back to their room and went to bed.

    The next morning they went down to the pool, the kids were in the pool, the parents for were laying on lounge chairs watching them. They couldn't believe how peaceful it was. Mr. Balooee called Phooey over to where he was laying. He said Phooey, I left my book up in the room, would you mind going up there and getting it for me?

     Phooey said sure dad I'll be right back, he got a towel and dried himself off then he headed for the elevators. When he got off the elevator on his floor he headed for the his room then he noticed three men down at the end of the hallway. They went into a room without luggage. They came out a few minutes later with a couple of suitcases and went immediately into another room.

     Phooey thought something is not right here, they should not be doing that. So he got on the house phone and call security and told him what he was watching. Security told him were sending men right up there to check it out, he told Phooey There is a closet across from the phone you are talking on, you get in the closet, and stay there until we tell you it's all right to get out. Security sent six man up there three got off on the floor below and went out to the fire escape came up that way. the other three got out on the floor.

     When the men came out of the next room the security yell at them stop! you are under arrest. The men started to head for the fire escape and saw the three men standing there with guns, they turned and saw the other three men coming down the hallway towards him with their guns out. The three men just dropped a suitcases and laid on the floor. The men were all handcuffed and arrested and taken down to the security office. Two of the men stayed on the floor and went to the closet where Phooey was hiding and opened up the door. He started to to tell Phooey to come out it was safe, all of a sudden his jaw dropped. Phooey turned around to see what he was looking at. There on the floor was one of the housemaids, she looked like she was asleep but her arms and legs were tied up.

      The security man immediately got on his radio and asked for an empty room on that floor. Then he said to send the doctor to the room. The two men picked up the lady and carefully carried her into the room and later on the bed there. They had just finished untying her when the doctor came in. He told them she had been drugged and she could be coming out of it any time within the next couple minutes or maybe even an hour two. Without knowing what she was given and how much he could not be any more precise and he could not give her an antidote.

     They called for another maid to come in and sit with her, and to let them know when she came out of it. Just then Phooey's father got out of the elevator. He saw Phooey standing their and asked him what was going on. Phooey said I came out of the elevator and saw three men going in and out of rooms. I called security and they came and arrested the men and they found this poor lady in the closet where they told me to hide. They said the lady had been given some kind of drug and is sleeping, the doctor's in with her now.

    Phooey's father went into the room and introduced himself to the men there. He told them he owned his own security firm back home and asked if they needed help. They told him no thank you, it looks like we got everything under control. It looks like your son may have helped to solve a massive burglary ring that has plagued the city for last month.

    Phooey and his father headed for their room, got his book, and then they went back down to the pool. They told Phooey's mother and sister what was going on upstairs. They were very proud of Phooey and very thankful he was not hurt.

     A few hours later the head of security came to talk with Phooey and his father, to tell him what had been happening. He said those two suitcases they had, came out of the first room they visited, they were full of all kinds of valuables and money that were taken from the rooms. If Phooey hadn't come up there when he did they would have gotten away with another robbery. There were at least 10 or 12 robberies they think may linked to the same gang. They grab a maid from behind and drug her. Then they tie her up and put her in a closet nearby. Then they take the master key and ransacked all the rooms on the floor and walk out with the suitcases like they belong there. The police were on their way to search their homes and they expected to find a lot more stolen articles there. Now the big problem is to find out who all these stolen articles belong to and get them back to their right owner.

    Phooey's father said I'm glad it's not my job.

    The security guards just smiled and said I wish people would learn to put their valuables in a safe that when we would not have this problem.

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