Phooey and the Runaway

by Arnold Nelson

     One day a friend of Phooey's name Susie ran away from home. There were adults looking all around the neighborhood for Susie. For 2 days they searched every place a young girl could hide, leaving nothing out. Then they started searching other areas.

     Phooey went over to Susie's house and talked to Susie's mother. Phooey told Susie's mother now that the adults were through in the area he would like to have a try. Her mother said Ok Phooey I heard you were good at finding things, lets see how you are at finding people."

     Phooey said first he would like to see Susie's bedroom. Susie's mother agreed and led Phooey to the bedroom and stood by the door while he looked around. Phooey went to the window and looked out. He saw a small foot print near the window and an a mark on the ground like something was dropped.

     Phooey thanked Susie's mother and went to the outside of the window. He took a closer look at the footprint and the mark on the ground. Phooey decided the mark came when Susie threw her gym bag out the window and the footprint when she climbed out. Phooey started looking for more clues but since the backyard was totally searched there wasn't much to see. He looked out the back gate at the alley. Phooey saw the same small footprint in the soft sand a little ways down the alley. He went and studied it and decided it was also Susie's. He walk to the end of the alley and look up and down the street but he could find no more clues. He stood there thinking for a long time. Then Phooey had an idea.

     There was an old house a couple of blocks away that the kids played in. Phooey figured the adults already checked it but decided to check it anyway because he could not come up with anything else. So he walked over to the house and started looking around. He started in the attic and worked his way down to the cellar. he found nothing but a few footprints. Then Phooey sat down and thought some more.

    He remembered some caves not far from there. So he went home and got his flashlight and checked out the caves. Phooey had checked the last cave and was turning to leave when he heard something move behind him. Phooey turn around again and found a side cave he didn't even know was there. Phooey shined the light in the cave and there was Susie trying to be a small as possible.

    Phooey said hi Susie. Susie crawled out and said Hi Phooey. Phooey asked her what was going on. Susie started crying and said I ran away because my Dad hates me and I am never going home. Phooey said Do you want to talk about it. Susie said no-yes-I don't know. Then she started talking. Her father was trying to touch her in ways a father shouldn't touch his daughter and when she refused he got mad and said "This is my house and if you don't do what I say you can go live somewhere else. I will give you 30 minutes to make up your mind. Now go to you room." "So I went to my room and packed my bag and left through the window. I have been hiding from all the searchers and eating fruit from trees. I can live here in these caves it is pretty nice and no one will ever find me."

    Phooey said what about you mother she loves you and is worried sick about you. At least talk to her and tell her what you father did. She might be able do do something to stop your father. If that doesn't work there are others that will help. Our Pastor for one.

    Susie finally agreed to met with her mother but only her mother. They agreed Phooey would bring her mother to the old house and Susie would be there waiting and they would have a talk. Susie told Phooey if anyone beside you and my mother shows up no one will ever see me again. So Phooey left and went and told Susie's mother. Susie's mother agreed. Susie's mother drove them to the old house. Phooey waited out side while Susie's mother went in. They talked for almost an hour then they both came out. Phooey could see they had both been crying. Susie told Phooey She has agreed to take care of dad and keep him away from me and I agreed to come home. So when Susie and her Mother got home they had a long talk her father and her father apologized for his actions and said he would seek help and it would never happen again. Susie's father was true to his word and got help and overcame his problems.

    This story is not a typical story. I like happy endings so I gave my story a happy ending. Unfortunately most of the time the father (or it could be the mother too) refuses help and ends up doing it again and again until he or she is kicked out of the house or put in jail.

    If you are a runaway or know a runaway or if you are thinking about running way there is help out there for you. There are people out there waiting to help. All you have to do is make the call and ask for help. The streets are no place to live. There are very bad people out there that with take young runaways and act like a friend, then they they will use them for every evil thing they can think of and when they are though they throw them out like yesterdays garbage. Here is the national runaway hotline number. They are there to help. Please, please give them a chance. The number is 1-800-runaway or 1-800-786-2929.

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