Phooey and the Missing Man

by Arnold Nelson

One day Phooey was watching TV and he heard a story about a missing man. the reporter said the man had alzheimer's and he took the family car, because of that they need to find him as soon as possible. Then the reported told where the man came from and which direction he was going when last seen. Phooey though for a minute and said to himself he is heading for this area.

     Phooey went in the kitchen and found his mother and said Mom what is alls-i-mores His Mom said what! Phooey said They just said there was a missing man and he had alls-i-mores.

    His Mom laughed and said you must mean alzheimer's. Phooey said yes that's it, what is it. His Mom said It is a very bad disease it takes away a persons memory. First the person gets forgetful, Then he starts forgetting friends and sometimes he forgets where he is. Then he forgets his family and even his wife. He gets where he can't remember a thing. Then people end up dying from it. It is especially hard on the ones doing the caring because the person with alzheimer's has to be watched all the time because they might do harm to themselves or others around them.

     Phooey said wow! that is bad. I hope they find the man soon. His mom said how long as the man been gone. Phooey said The reporter said he has been gone 2 days. His Mom said yes he probably needs help pretty bad right now. Phooey said The reported said he was last seen going in this direction. I think I will go out and look around. His Mom said Go ahead, but don't stay out too long dinner is almost ready So Phooey started walking up and down some of the streets near his house.

    He decided he had better head for home. He didn't want his Mom mad at him. He decided to check one more street on the way back. He looked down the street and saw a car that was parked very badly, so he walked down to check it out. When he got there he thought to himself this looks like the car they showed on TV. The car looks like it ran over a boulder and got stuck on it. Phooey called the police and told them he thought he found the car of the missing man on TV.

     The policeman said stay there the police are on their way. So Phooey called his mother and told her he thought he found the car of the missing man and the police were on their way. He mother told him to come right home when he was done talking to the police. The police came and took the report from Phooey and checked out the car. They said yes it was the car. There was no sign of the missing man though.

    The police told Phooey it didn't look like the man got hurt he just got stuck and started walking. The police said they would search the area looking for the man. Phooey said he had to go home to dinner so the police told him to go, they knew where he lived and would get in touch with him if they needed anything else.

    The next day the police searched the whole area and came up with nothing. Then they left and started searching another area. Phooey got his friends together and told them about the man and how he needs help and needs to be found. The boys agreed to help Phooey and search the area again. Since they knew the area better then anyone else the figured they had a better chance.

     After about 3 hours of searching the boys were getting tired and discouraged. Then Dennis said "I see something in the park over there, lets check it out." So the boys went to the park. They found an old man sitting on a bench. The man looked like he was asleep. Phooey said that looks like the missing man.

    So Phooey called the police and they said don't touch him just keep an eye on him and we will have police and an ambulance over there in a few minutes. the police told Phooey that if the man should wake up and start to leave just have one of your boys follow him and you stay there so we will know where he is when the police gets their.

     A few minutes later the boys heard the sirens. The man had not moved. The Police went to talk to Phooey and his friends and the fireman went to take care of the old man. The boys saw the firemen lay the man on a stretcher and take some bags of something and take the tubes hanging down from the bags and put them in the mans arms.

     A few minutes later a fireman came over to Phooey and Phooey asked what they were doing to the man. The Fireman said the man is very dehydrated and they are giving him fluids. He can't drink right now so they are putting the fluids in his arms. Phooey said what does de-hi-rated mean. The fireman said it means the man is very thirsty and needs to drink, but he can't so we are putting it in his body for him. Phooey said What is in those bags and how is it getting into the man if he can't drink. The fireman said those bags have a special blend of salt and water in them. They have to find the veins in his arms and put a needle in the veins and let the solution drip into his body. By the way you boys found him just in time. the fireman said if he had been out here much longer we could not have saved him.

     The firemen put the man in the ambulance and took him to the hospital. and all the boys went home. A few days later Phooey got a call from a lady who said she was Mrs. Hargrove. She said it was her husband that the boys saved. She told Phooey that she wanted to do something to pay Phooey and his friends back for saving her husband. She said she wanted to have a picnic in the park on Saturday for Phooey and all the boys. and she asked if he thought all the boys could come. Phooey said he would check with the boys and get back to her. Mrs. Hargrove said the parents and brothers and sisters are welcome to come too. There will be plenty of food for all.

     So Phooey called all his friends and they all said they would like to come. then Phooey called Mrs. Hargrove back and said all the boys are looking forward to it. Thank You very much for doing this for us. Mrs. Hargrove said no, I am thanking you for saving my husband. That was a fantastic job you and the boys did, the police told me all about it. See you Saturday Phooey." Phooey said "Ok" then they hung up.

     When Phooey and his friends got to the park they couldn't believe their eyes. All of their favorite foods were there. There was pizza and hot dogs and hamburger and chips and potato salad and lots of soda pop. The boys and their families had a blast and they all ate until they could not eat anymore.

    Then Mrs Hargrove got up and started talking about her husband and what happened the day he disappeared. She said "Since Mr Hargrove got so bad they always had a male nurse to take care of him. That day was the nurse's day off. one of their daughters usually spends they day there to help out, but that day her daughter called and said she couldn't come because her son was sick. Mrs Hargrove said don't worry about it she could handle Mr. Hargrove by herself for one day. The daughter said make sure you call someone if you need any help at all. Everything was going fine then the phone rang and she tried to write down some information and her pen quit working. She stepped in the bedroom for just a second to find another pen. When she returned Mr. Hargrove was gone. She was frantic. Then she heard her car start up and she ran out the front door just in time to see the car go over the curb and head down the street. She didn't even think he could still drive a car. She ran in and called the police and her daughters.

    The police started searching but found nothing the story was put on the news and shown all over the city. That was when Phooey saw it and started his search . Thank you again Phooey and all your friends for your fine work." Mrs. Hargrove said boys, I have been trying to thing of a way I can repay for finding my husband and saving his life. I thought about giving you gift certificates for our store then my daughter reminded me it is a men's store and there really is nothing for young boys. Then I remembered my husband saying how someone helped him with his college and how he was always grateful for it. So I decide I will put $100 in each of your college funds and when you kids are old enough for college let me know. We know lots of people and can help you get in almost any college you want to go to. Also if you need a college loan at that time contact me or one of my daughters and we can probably arrange a loan at very favorable rates."

    Then Mrs. Hargrove had all the boys come forward and shook each of their hands. then she gave them a $100 bill and reminded them to put in their college fund and don't forget to contact her if they need any help getting into college. When it came time for Phooey to shake her hand he said I just have one question. Where is your husband now? Mrs. Hargrove gave him a big hug and said After this happened we decided it was unwise to try and take care of him at home any longer so he is in a rest home now. He is doing as good as can be expected. He seems to be happy and that is all we can hope for now. He is getting the best care money can buy.

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