The Christmas Miracles

by Debbie Mckay

One fine Christmas day I was walking along the road when I came across this Christmas rock. It was all red, and green I picked it up and it magically came to life. The rock started speaking which totally flipped me out. It said i will grant you three wishes which wishes would you like to receive? I said, the first wish would be to bring my family much happiness. Wish one granted go home and wish agin Twenty four hours from now. I proceeded to go home and the family was laughing and crying, at the same time. I asked what is going on? They said it was like a Christmas miracle. One minute were fighting, the next were laughing and crying for no reason. I smiled because my first wish was working there was no fighting just happiness and crying. I then asked what makes you happy? My mom proceeded to say we came to a good story to share about are best Christmas. When grandmother vanetta was alive. The good times we had at her home, how she made us laugh but yet cry with her story's of wisdom. I really felt good inside because that wished worked up until the next morning. My family was once again fighting at breakfast.

   The next day I picked up the rock at the same exact time for wish two. The rock then proceeded to ask me what my second wish was, again I said for my family to stop fighting. The rock said I cannot grant the same wish twice. But let me give you some advice before we proceed further. The best advice I can give you to stop the fighting is to jump in and give some good advice. Thanks i said now i'm ready for wish number two. Well what is it? My second wish is for my family to acquire an abundance of food. Granted go down stairs to see how that happened. So I proceeded down stairs and saw an abundance of food. My mom was again crying with tears of joy. How did this happen I asked, Well this real rich family came knocking on the door and just brought us an abundance of food. They said we won the food prize at the grocery store drawing. I remember signing up my family for that last week. I was happy That we won this food would at least last us a month. We carefully helped my mom put it away, and as a reward she cooked us a wonderful supper that night.

   The next day came and I grabbed again my rock, What is your thrid and final wish?. My final wish is for my family to just pray to god for all that they have. Okay granted now it is up to you to keep this family afloat. Please place me where you found me so I can help another sole. So I went out and placed the rock ,right where I found it. That evening after dinner, we sat around the table and prayed. I was so glad I found that Christmas rock three days ago because it brought my family together. So this Christmas miracle has really helped my family.

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