The Bank Job

by John A Houser

                    The Bank job                                        

It was 5:30 P.M. Friday night, Dwayne and Bubba was sitting in the back yard drinking beer and smoking Marijuana cigarettes.

Dwayne, get me another beer.

Sure Bubba, Ill get me one too.

Dwayne went to the cooler to get a beer and found the cooler empty.

What the.! Bubba we are out of beer,

What do you mean we are out of beer? said Bubba.

Well Dwayne, go buy more beer.

Bubba we are out of money too.

Bubba stood up and looked at Dwayne.

We are out of Marijuana too.

Dwayne we need more money, weed and more beer.

How do we get more money? asked Dwayne.

We will rob the bank Saturday morning, said Bubba.

All we need is $500.00.

Then thats all we will ask for at the bank.

O.K. Dwayne, this is how we are going to do it, we will park the car in front of the bank, and we will leave the car running, for a quick getaway.

That sounds good Bubba.

Its 8:45 Saturday morning Dwayne and Bubba parked their car in front of the bank waiting for the bank to open.

Dwayne did you bring the gun?

No Bubba, but I did bring the bullets.

You want me to throw the bullets at them?

Dwayne the bank is opening now, leave the car running and lets go in now.

Dwayne and Bubba entered the bank and walked up to the first window.

This is a holdup!

The bank teller looked up.

I dont have time for you now, go to another window.

Dwayne looked at Bubba.

What do we do now?

Go to the next window.

Dwayne and Bubba left their car running in front of the bank. Billy Bob Throop was walking by and saw the car running.

Billy Bob looked around, then jumped in the car and drove off.

Dwayne and Bubba walked up to the next window.

This is a holdup!

Give me $500.00.

Here take it all, said the teller.

Dwayne and Bubba ran out of the bank for a quick getaway, but their car was gone.

Bubba the car is gone, what will we do now?

Take the money back in the bank, tell them to call 911, someone stole our car.

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