Angel's Modeling Dream

by Sanchez Nandi

"Angel babydoll only five minutes till showtime", a frantic assistant pops her head around Angel's dressing room to remind her.. " Thanks Marianne I'll be out in a moment " Angel calls back and then Marianne leaves. Angel takes a deep breath "can i not get any peace to myself? I've been in hair and makeup for two and a half hours then I had to go to wardrobe which all added up to three and a half hours...whatever...lets do this!" she says to herself. Angel takes in all the surroundings around her; a massive 3v TV (3d TV) , a queen sized pink and luxurious white bed , a cream coloured table full of healthy snacks , a luscious pink soft sofa, a pink rose patterned carpet, plain pink wallpaper, a gigantic mirror, a dressing table full of makeup of every shade and colour Imaginable with hair brushes and combs and a massive bathroom with a massive shower and bath. Angel then gets up from her seat sat at her dressing room table to takes one more look at herself in the mirror to make sure everything is in check , blond long ponytail in place...yes! Dark , rock makeup...yes! Outfit..(black slimming knee-length dress , with matching black open-toed stilettos) yes! Accessories...(black clutch purse and black hoop earrings) yes "perfect! They really outdone themselves with this outfit" Angel thinks to herself. Angel does one twirl in the mirror then leaves to the backstage area , before she can start to wonder were to go a producer tugs her by the arm and practically drags Angel to a area where two black curtains are on each side. All you could see are makeup stations as far as the eyes could see all around backstage except for a little walkthrough where the models walk in and out of the catwalk into the crowd. "Ok superstar, wait here until they announce your name then you walk , got it?" Angels gives the producer a gentle nod then off he goes no doubt to go harass another unlucky model. While Angel waited model after model walked around backstage all dolled up , the best one Angel thought stood out the most was a mixed race girl who wore her hair in a brunette one sided plait style , with a floor - length black glitzy dress. "She must be modeling the new black red carpet look" Angel thinks to herself. Suddenly...booming through the speakers are a husky but posh voice announcing the next model "ladies and gentleman , boys and girls it is my honour to announce tonight's special guest model.....Angel Flintly!!!!!!". Thunderous applause can be heard from all around the audience , Angel takes a deep breath and starts to model through the curtains and onto the catwalk... Angel keeps one foot in front of the other with one hand on her hip and the other holding the clutch purse until she reaches the middle of the catwalk , Angel then strikes a seductive pose which is posing with one leg bent with her index finger on her lips facing the right hand side of the crowd , the crowd welcomes that sexy pose with wolf whistles and " your so hot" chants spread across the massive hall. Angel then refines from that pose and continues to walk down the catwalk. Once at the bottom center of the catwalk Angel does another pose which entails her winking to the center of the crowd and smiling while with one hand in the air to highlight her purse , camera's flicker from every direction to take the picture of that pose... Until a resounding alarm goes of in the hall, and then everything seems to feel hazy and everything and one comes into focus....

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