Phooey and the Missing Flags

by Arnold Nelson

    They were very patriotic in Phooey's neighborhood. Every years from July first to July fourth most of the people in the neighborhood flew their flags. They were all very proud of their nation and their flags. A lot of them were vets too and they were proud of their vets and thanked them often for their service.

     One year right after the flags went up some of the flags started disappearing. Phooey and his friends got together to discuss the problem and figure out a way to find out who was taking the flags and where they were going. They discussed several ideas finally they came up with one.

     The next morning they would all watch different parts of the neighborhood and see if they could find out who was taking flags. So the next morning each went out and started watching their areas. Each had a cell phone so they could keep in touch. they waited 1 hour, then 2 hours.

    Finally after about 2 and 1/2 hours Pete called Phooey and said I saw a guy take a flag I am following him. He is about 15. Phooey said to be careful and told Pete if he sees you stop following, we don't want anyone getting hurt.

    Then Sam called and said he was following someone taking flags. Phooey told Sam the same thing. Phooey though wow 2 thieves.

    Then his phone rang again Tim was following another. Phooey just got off the phone with Tim and he saw someone taking a flag.

    Phooey stared following his thief. Phooey thought wow we have four thieves now what are we going to do. They each followed their thieves several blocks. Finally Pete called Phooey and said they stopped at what looks like a club house. Phooey said we have four thieves keep hidden for a while and see what happens. Pete said I see Sam coming following another big kid about the same age as mine. Phooey said when Sam gets there the two of you wait together.

     Pete stopped Sam and they both hid and was watching the clubhouse. Pete turned around and here comes Tim following another thief. When Tim got close Pete stopped Tim and they all waited. A few minutes later Phooey comes up with the fourth thief.

     Pete said all the kids went into the club house. They are all still there. Phooey called the police and told them what they had. Then Phooey asked the other kids to wait. He was going around the back of the club house to listen and see if he can find out why they were taking all the flags. Just as Phooey started to leave their hiding place another kid came by carrying another flag. So Phooey waited until the kid went in.

     Then Phooey went around the back of the club house and listened. He could not here everything but from what he heard the kids needed the flags for an initiation so they could join the club. Phooey carefully peaked into a window and saw a big pile of flags on the table in the corner and about a 10 or 12 kids in there.

     Phooey quickly went back to his friends and called the police again and told them what he found out. About 30 minutes later the police showed up. They went to the clubhouse and arrested all the kids. They each had to spend the night in jail and their parents paid a fine. The leader who's name was Joseph told the police he wanted to covered all the walls in his clubhouse with flags and he came up with the idea so that others would get the flags for him.

     Since there was no way to tell the flags apart all the flags went to homes that could not afford them. July fourth came around and they had the best neighborhood party ever. Everything you could imagine to eat. lots of games and fun and in the evening fireworks.

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