Phooey and the Missing Cat.

by Arnold Nelson

     One morning Phooey's friend David came over. He was all upset. His cat was missing. They searched all over and no Felix. He knew Phooey was good at finding things and asked Phooey to help. Phooey said he would do his best to find Felix.

    So they went over to David's house so phooey could start looking. David said the last place he saw Felix was the back yard so Phooey decided that was the place to start. They each got Flashlights and started looking. They looked up the tree and behind bushes. Then the shined their lights under the house and looked there, no Felix.

    Then they went inside and started looking. They looked in the front room behind and under all the furniture, no Felix. Then they went in the kitchen and looked in all the cabinets and behind the refrigerator, no Felix. Then they went to the dining room and searched every corner, no Felix. Then they went to the family room and searched around and under all the furniture but no Felix. They they went to the library and searched all around the room, They even opened up all the desk drawers but no Felix. Then they went upstairs.

    They search David's room They even looked in his toy box but no Felix. Then they went to David's sister's room and searched. but no Felix. Then they searched the bathroom, no Felix. Then they searched the guest room, no Felix. Then they searched David's parents room and their bathroom but they did not find Felix. Then they went up to the attic. They searched over under around everything in the attic. They also searched every box that was not taped shut, you guessed it, no Felix.

     Phooey said we searched your whole house and yard I don't think Felix is here. We have to search the neighborhood next. So Phooey and David got their flashlights and started searching the neighborhood.. They looked in trees behind and under bushes and even looked under houses with their flashlights. but no Felix.

    When Phooey and David got back to David's house they were very tired and thirsty. They each got a root beer and sat on the back porch to drink them and rest while Phooey tried to figure out what to do next. David was very upset he was trying not to cry but the tears came anyway, he wanted Felix.

    Right now let me tell you something. You may think it is babyish to cry. Society tells us you show weakness when you cry. I am willing to bet you That every man has cried at least once and there is nothing wrong with crying. Crying helps relax you. I cry every time I read a good book. So I don't want to hear of anyone putting anyone else down for crying.

    Anyway so Phooey and David were on the back porch when suddenly Phooey had an idea. He said to David do you still play in that old car behind the garage? David said yes he was playing in the yesterday. The both set root beers down and ran to the old car. Phooey opened the front right door and looked around no Felix. At about the same time David opened up the rear right door and there was Felix.

    David yelled, "he's dead!" Phooey looked in and saw a little movement and told David Felix is alive. Felix is just thirsty and hungry. Phooey told David to run in and get a bowl of water and some cat food and we will see if we can bring the cat back. Phooey carefully picked up Felix and carried him to the back porch. When Phooey got to the back porch David was just coming out with food and water. Phooey put the cat next to the water but the cat wouldn't drink. So Phooey carefully picked up Felix's head and gentle put in the bowl. Felix started drinking. After Felix drank for a while he slowly walked to the food and started eating. Phooey told David the Felix would be alright in a couple of days. After Felix had all the food and water he wanted he climbed up on David's lap and fell asleep.

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