Phooey Balouee

by Arnold Nelson

He was a rambunctious 8 year old. His real name was James Balouee. Ever since he learned to talk he would say phooey to everything. So people started calling him Phooey. Now Phooey loved to play detective and loved to solve cases.

Phooey heard on the TV monkeys escaped from the circus and he decide he would find them. So Phooey went to the circus and started looking around first he went to the cage where the monkey's were kept. Phooey looked and looked at the the cage trying to figure out how the monkeys escaped. Then he saw it. Phooey went around back and found where one of the bars had come loose. That was how they got out Phooey said to himself. Then he went and told the circus owner he knew how the monkeys got out. The owner just looked at him and said show me so they walked back to the cage. Phooey walked around the back with the owner and showed him the loose bar. The owner smiled and said by George! I'll bet your right. We will have to fix that.

Phooey said he would go looking for clues and see if he could find the monkeys. First Phooey talked to the giant. The giant said he saw them and pointed out the direction they went.

Then Phooey saw the fat lady and went and talked to her. She said the monkey scared her out of ten years of her life and she didn't have that many left. Phooey just laughed. She pointed out the way the monkeys went.

Then Phooey saw some clowns he stopped and watched them for a while. when Phooey started laughing the clowns stopped and looked at him They asked him what he was doing there. Phooey said he was looking for the missing monkeys. The clowns said they were here they took some of the clown hats and ran off. Phooey was happy he got his first clue they were now wearing hats.

Phooey asked the clowns to describe the hats. The clowns said they were beanies, One was green the other orange and they had little propellers on top. Phooey just laughed when he heard the description. Then Phooey went on his way. He got to the fence at the end of the circus property and looked around. Phooey saw something laying in he dirt he went to check it out,. it was the green clown beanie. Phooey picked it up and took it back to the clowns.

It was starting to get dark. Phooey knew he wasn't suppose to be out after dark so he rushed home. When he got home he told his mother he was looking for the missing monkeys. She asked Phooey how he did. Phooey said not bad, I found out how they got out and I found out they took 2 clown hats. I also found out one of the hats near the fence a little later and gave it back to the clowns.

His mother said wow you had a big day. Phooey said tomorrow he would look outside the circus area for clues.

The next day Phooey went to the outside of the fence where he found the hat and started looking for clues. He saw something laying on the ground across the street. Phooey decided to check it out. So he went down to the corner and waited for the green light so he could cross safely.

When Phooey got to the thing he saw, it picked it up. It was the orange clown hat. Phooey knew he was on the right track. Phooey walked down the street looking in all the window and all the trees for the monkeys. After about 2 blocks Phooey was tired so he sat down to rest. Phooey was about half asleep when he heard a lot of yelling. Phooey jumped up and looked around the yelling was coming from the grocery store.

Phooey went into the store and he almost fell down down laughing when he saw what was happening. The monkeys were in the produce section eating bananas and throwing melons at anyone that came to close. Phooey told the manager They were the monkeys from the circus and Phooey told the manager to call the circus owner and he would come get his monkeys. The manager called the circus. The owner came right over with the monkey's trainer and picked up the monkeys. He also paid the store owner for all the damage and gave him free tickets to the circus.

Then he turned to Phooey and said you are a good detective you found out how the monkeys escaped and followed them all the way over here. Here are tickets for you and your family for opening night. Then the owner thought for a minute. Then smiled and said I have an idea. How would you like to ride an elephant in to the tent on opening night. Phooey face lit up and he was grinning from ear to ear. Phooey said are you serious? The owner said yes, you had better check with your parents first and let me know. So Phooey rode in on the elephant on opening night still grinning from ear to ear.

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