The End

by Jordan Wellnitz

Cassandra, with her golden waist-length hair and bright purple eyes, is here, mostly to learn, somewhat to have fun with her friends. It's not like she has a choice, right? She might as well make it fun. It is her senior year. This is why she has decided to come to school every day wearing her favorite outfits, skinny jeans and corset tops, all in deep, rich, dark colors; reds the color of a blood red moon, blacks as dark as an abyss of nothingness, and blues the color of a midnight sky. However, drama seemed to be sweeping up worse than the last three years in this high school hell had been. People are calling her names and poking fun at the way she acts, talks and dresses. She finds it exceedingly difficult to get a passing grade, despite her intellect, because of all the harassment and noise going on.

A girl, Maggie, with long brown hair and muddy brown eyes is talking loudly about something that she and her boyfriend did this summer. Cassandra attempts to work on her ethics assignment, but finds it impossible with Maggie's loud squawking.

"Oh my gosh! You'll never guess what color my, like, prom dress is this year! It is so, like, cute! And my hair is gonna look, like, so awesome, and like, pretty." Maggie prattles on and on, while her clones just nod their heads with their ever-present, fake smile on their faces.

"It's only the second month of school; do they really need to talk about prom already? Can't they just shut up! They're so annoying, God!" Cassandra sighs in her head, extremely annoyed. Finally, she looks up at Maggie, "Can you guys, please, just shut up? Some of us are actually trying to obtain the education our parents are paying for."

Maggie studies her for a moment, taking in her appearance. "Shut up, emo-bitch," Maggie says and then goes right back to talking. Cassandra streaks her eyes back and forth between Maggie's laughing form and her teacher, standing in the front of the room watching it all go down.

"Why isn't she doing anything??" Cassandra thinks, infuriated, "Shouldn't she be doing something about her? It's ethics class for God's sake!!" She gets infuriated. She gathers her things, stands up and begins walking out the door. Before she leaves, however, she makes one final statement. "You guys are jerks. You are worse than the scum on the gum that is left on the bottom of your desks. One day, you're gonna work me for me and I'm gonna make your life a living hell just like you're making mine"and that day you will be sorry you ever treated me" no" that you ever treated anyone this way! I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you have a rotten life." And with that said, Cassandra is gone. Maggie and her clones just stare dumbfounded at the door that Cassandra just passed through for the last time. The next week, all the school is dressed in black.

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