The Miracle

by Paul Hernandez

Her heart beats faintly now, the last of her strength used to hold his hand. Blood continues to escape her body from various wounds. Her life cut short by a drunk driver. He sits in disbelief as part of his soul is dying with her. He is powerless in her time of desperation. He has always been her shield. Her beacon of light in this dark world. She completed him. His tears silently roll from his face, only to find their way to her cheek as he bends to kiss her lips a last time. Her cloudy blue eyes find his in the last moments. She didn't have to say a word. Their unspoken love could be felt by the blind. Her hand falls from his with the last of her breath. His heart shatters, never to be whole again. That's when he heard the angelic voice. A voice that would lead him from the darkness, the hopelessness, his impending death. He lifted his head, and through his tears he saw her. The most beautiful sight he could imagine. He gazed upon her unmistakable blue eyes. His wife had given him one final gift. The gift of life. He held his daughter close, the shattered pieces of his heart ever so slowly moving back to their rightful places.

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