by Arnold Nelson

     Why is it we only have one day a year to give thanks? We should be giving thanks everyday. Every morning we should be thankful we made it through another night. Every time we walk in our kitchens we should give thanks that we have food to eat. Every time we look at our families or even talk to them on the phone we should give thanks for our families. Every time we go to our jobs we should give thanks for our job. Every time we go to church or school we should give thanks that we live in a free country when we can go to church or school without fear.

     This country is in the worst state is ever been in and the main reason it is in such a bad position is because we took God out of everything. We need to put God back in schools and government. God can fix our problems, if we let him.

    People have gotten so greedy all they think about is what is in it for them. Everybody wants a bigger and bigger slice of pie. In order to accommodate everybody they keep making the pie bigger and bigger. The pie has gotten so big now it is staggering. The government is so big it is about to take over everything. We need to downsize the government. People have to quit expecting the government to do everything and start doing things for themselves again. The government should be helping those who are unable to work for medical reasons,or too old to hold down a job, but everyone else should be able to get a job and it can happen if people are little less greedy.

    The pastor of our church last Sunday, asked everybody to be thinking about what they were thankful for, then he gave his sermon after he gave the sermon he asked people to stand up and say what they were Thankful for. The first thing that popped into my mind was I was thankful that Jesus died for my sins. Now that may sound kind of strange, since most people would say their families or their health or their jobs. That is what popped into my head, so that is what I said, I guess God wanted me to say it.

    Let's get back to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has become a day when people try to see who can eat the most, than they sit back and watch football games. Most people don't even think about thanking God for what they have, they might thank the cook for cooking it, and friend's for coming over, but they never think to thank God for providing it for them. I guess they figure they work hard for their money so they provided the feast, not God, so there's no need to thank God. That is what's wrong with this world God needs to be in the center of everything, after all he created the heavens and the earth. He created us, he created everything. Everything belongs to God and we should be thankful to him that we are his sons and daughters. And we should be thankful to him for everything we have.

   This Thanksgiving when you thank the cook. When you thank your friends and relatives for coming. When you thank the host for inviting you. Remember to thank God too because God is the one that takes care of us, he provides everything for us. Amen

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