A Slightly Different Nativity Story

by Arnold Nelson

Young Paul was staying in the inn in Bethlehem with his parents. He heard the Inn Keeper tell the young couple that there was no room. He also heard the Inn Keeper tell them they could stay in the stable. It was better then sleeping outdoors. He saw the young people go slowly to the stable and get ready to spend the night there. His mother called just then and told him it was time for bed. So Paul went slowly to his mat. He was not tired but knew better then to argue with his mom. He was so bored since they got to this city. There was nothing for a 7 year old boy to do.

Paul had been sound asleep when a bright light from outside woke him up. He went to the window and saw A beautiful star in the sky. The star seemed to be pointing to the stable in back of the inn. It was so bright it was almost like daylight outside. Paul climbed out his window and went to the stable to see what was going on.

When he got to the stable he heard a voice and turned and saw a donkey talking to him. The donkey said I carried his mother all the way from Nazareth.

Then he heard another voice. It was a chicken. The chicken said I gave her my eggs to keep her strength up for the night ahead of her.

Then he heard a cow We gave him our manger so he would have a bed to sleep in..

Then the oxen said We gave him some of our hay so that he would have a soft bed to lay in.

Then he heard the sheep say We gave him our wool so that he would be warm.

Then he heard a dove way up high in the barn saying we sang to the Baby Jesus so he would not cry.

Peter went to the back of the stable and saw the young couple sitting on the floor by the manger and in the Manger was a baby boy. He could not understand where the baby came from. As he was taking it all in, he heard voices and hid in the corner of the stable.

Then some shepherds came in. They said An angel appeared to us and told us to come here and see the baby. She said he is the son of God and he was sent to save us. Then there were many angels in the sky. Too many to count. They were singing Glory to God in the highest. So we decided to come and See this son of God for ourselves.

The angels did not lie. There is the Baby Jesus the savior of the world. With that they kneeled down and prayed and thanked God for the miracle of the birth of Jesus.

Then the Shepherds left and Paul went back to his room. Paul was still trying to figure out how he could understand all the animals in the stable when he crawled back onto his mat.

When he woke up he told his parents about what happened. They did not believe him, They figured it was all a dream. Paul finally convinced his parents to come to the stable with him so they could see for themselves. When they got to the stable Paul heard the animals but he could no longer understand them.

They walked in and there was Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus. Immediately they fell on there knees and started praying to God and thanking him for sending Jesus to save them. They talked to Mary and Joseph for a while and Mary and Joseph said yes they could understand all the animals last night But as soon as the sun came up the animals went back to their own languages. They didn't understand it either but they didn't question it. It was God's will and they just accepted it.

I can tell you about people being able to understand animals when they talk. It was a gift from God to thank all the animals for their unselfish gifts to Jesus and Mary the night Jesus was born. God told all the animals That on midnight of the Eve of Jesus' birth God would grant all the animal the ability to talk and understand one another. and for humans to understand animals, but when the sun comes up on the day of Jesus' birth the gift of speech goes away And does not come back until the next Eve of Jesus' birth.

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