Two Christmas Miracles

by Arnold Nelson

Every year our church used to put a float in the annual Christmas parade. One year I decided I wanted to be in the parade too. So I asked the float builders. They were happy to have me in the parade. So I dressed up in my clown outfit and walked in the parade. I helped keep the teenagers in line. The next year I wanted to walk in the parade again I had an idea that I would decorated my little red wagon and pull it down the parade route. Along about early November I started having a lot of soreness in my hip. I finally went up to the float organizers and said I didn't think I could be in the parade this year because my hip was really bothering me. I didn't think I could walk that far. The were sad to lose me but they understood.

   About 2 weeks before the parade on the way home from church God spoke to me. He say you will be in the parade and you will walk the whole thing. He also told me how he wanted my wagon decorated.

   So I wrapped up a big box like a birthday present and put in the the wagon with signs on it that said Happy Birthday Jesus. They I took green and red and white streamers and decorated my wagon.

    When the day of the parade came I walked with my wagon to the lot where they were organizing everything. I found our church float. They were very happy to see me. they all gave me big hugs. While we were waiting to start there was a bunch of small kids in the back of a p/u. I was talking to them and they kept giving me candy until I told them I didn't want anymore. One of my friends told me she found a place in one of the cars for me if I couldn't make it and she would pull my wagon the rest of the way. I thanked her.

   The parade started and I did walk the whole route just like God told me. I had a great time. When I got home that night I was very sore. so I put a pain patch on my hip and took an aspirin and when the pain started to go down I went to bed. The next morning there was no pain. I have not had problems with my hip since then.

    I said two miracles didn't I. Well here is the second. The summer before I was looking for a little red wagon to use in one of my children's talk. I remembered all the times I laid in my little red wagon as a small boy and dreamed of the future. The talk was on dreams so It would make a good prop. It went well I talked about all the time I spent laying in the wagon dreaming then I read the story about The Tale of the Three Trees. I didn't have the money for a new one so I was looking to borrow one. No one had one I could borrow.

     One day I was driving down the street to my sister's vacation home and I spotted one in a pile of trash along side of a house. So I stopped and knocked on the door and asked about the wagon. The lady said that I could take it, so I did. The wagon was in 2 pieces and the supports were bent. So I took it home and straightened out the supports and got some more nuts and bolts and put it back together.

    That Sunday I did the children's story. Christmas came along and I walked in the parade with my wagon. When I looked at the wagon at the end of the parade there was only one nut and bolt holding it together. God had his hand on my wagon holding it together. What happened when I put the wagon back together I forgot to put lock washers on the bolts so the nuts worked themselves loose. When I got home from the parade I got some more nuts and bolts and put my wagon back together. There is still no lock washers on it because I didn't have any. It is alright because I don't plan on walking in anymore parades. It just sits in my storage now and every once in a while I use it for something at church.

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