A Christmas to Remember

by Arnold Nelson

      There were a lot of changes this year for Bill and Alice. Bill retired after 25 years as a teacher. At first they traveled around then they realized there money was not going as far as they thought. so they stay home more. They always had Thanksgiving dinner with 3 other couples from church but that was over too. One couple moved away to be closer to their children. 2 husbands died and widows moved away to live with children. They were in their front room talking to Peter and Sandy (the other couple). They were trying to come up with ideas for Thanksgiving dinner this year. it was only 3 weeks away and they had no idea what they should do with so many of the friends gone or dead.

Sandy said I just had a great idea. There are 2 new couples in church our age let's invite them. Alice said That's a great idea. There are also 4 single people in our church our age let's invite them too. They all agreed. They also agreed to have it at the Job house. They agreed to tell the others to bring something if they wanted but they did not have too. Thanksgiving came and they all had a great time. They all ate until they could eat no more.

     After all the guest left and everything was cleaned up Clark and Alice started calling their kids like they have done every Thanksgiving since the kids moved out. They started with the oldest Bill and finished with the youngest Linda. All the kids said the same thing. They were all going out of town for Christmas so there would be no Christmas at their houses and Clark and Alice could not come this year.

     Alice said I wonder what has gotten into the kids this year. We have always been welcome to spend Christmas with any of them but this year they all said they are too busy. Clark said something is up I just know it. Well we will just have to spend Christmas here with our church friends.

    Christmas Eve came and the Jobs did not have much Christmas spirit. They were still trying to figure out what was going on with the kids. They talked with the kids a few times since Thanksgiving and got the same answer every time. Sorry we are going out of town this Christmas and it would not be possible to take you along. So they went to the Christmas Eve service at church and tried to enjoy it but they didn't. They were too concerned about the kids and their attitude.

    When the service was over they drove home to there house, walked in and saw Linda sitting in a chair by herself. Alice asked why are you here alone? Linda said I was waiting for you. Alice said Where is Ralph? Then Ralph walked in and said 'right here, You don't think I would let my wife have Christmas without me do you? Where is Noel? I am here too Grandma Noel came in and hugged his Grandma. Linda said lets get this party started. Let's sing some Christmas carols, let's start with: O Little Town of Bethlehem. Then she started singing and they all joined in.

   When they were done Ralph said Linda and I would like to do a duet for you. We want to do: O Come all ye faithful. then Linda and Ralph started singing when they finished the fist verse they stopped. In the hallway they heard O come let us adore him. Then from the Kitchen they heard O come let us adore him Then from the dining room they heard O come let us adore him Christ the Lord.

    At the started the second verse everybody started coming into the the front room and was hugging Grandma and Grandpa and shaking hands. Grandma had tears running down her face. She could not believe her whole family was there with her on Christmas Eve. After things settled down they sang some more Christmas Carols.

   Then Sharon said Susie and Bob have been working on a special Carol for you Mom. Bob get your keyboard and you to can do it now. So Bob got his keyboard and started playing and Susie started singing O holy night. At the beginning of the second verse Sharon started singing with Susie. When they got through Grandma was crying again and she got up and hugged Bob and Susie. Then she said Susie did you know your mom used to sing that every Christmas at church and I would join in like she did. She had a beautiful voice, still does, but yours is much better.

    Susie said Thank you Grandma. that was why we wanted to do it for you because of the good memories Mom has singing with you. Grandma said do you think the 3 of us could sing the first verse together? Susie said I would love to sing with you and Mom. Then the three of them sang the first verse together when they were done the all hugged each other again.

    Then Linda said it is getting late, let me tell Mom and Dad about our plans for tomorrow and the day after, then we will have to break up this little party. My friend Connie runs the Hope Kitchen downtown. She called me a few weeks ago and said they needed entertainment while they were serving lunch to the needy. She asked if I knew of anyone that could come on such short notice. She was in a bind because the group she had scheduled dropped out at the last minute. So I talked to Susie and Sharon and Carolyn, they talked with their families, and we all agreed we could do it.

    So I rented rooms at the motel downtown for everyone and we decided we would surprise you on Christmas Eve. So Mom and Dad it is your choice you can either come with tomorrow and sing with us and help serve or you can stay here alone. Mom and Dad looked at each other and smiled then Mom said We will help you sing tomorrow. On the 26th the ladies are preparing a Christmas dinner for the family, and Mom, you will not lift a finger to help us, understood. Mom just smiled and said okay

   Sharon said breakout the penlights and turn off the lights. Let's sing Silent Night before we go back to the motel. As they were all leaving Linda said Mom and Dad we will pick you up at 9:30 tomorrow. They both said ok They all had a great time entertaining and serving dinners to the needy. The hit of the show was when Susie Sharon and Alice sang O holy night. The next day they had a fantastic Christmas Feast then all went home taking with them taking lot's of beautiful memories of Christmas with the whole family.

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