Oscar the Bear

by Arnold Nelson

It was getting a little crowded in their room. So, Felix and Oscar decided to find a way out. So they both looked around. He found it first. He crawled through and Oscar followed him, all of a sudden they were in a big cold room. Oscar wanted to crawl back in their small room. Felix said there's no way back, it was a one-way trip. So they just crawled underneath their mom and went back to sleep. Finally, when the weather started warming up mom woke up and they started moving around. They started exploring the big dark room. A few days later, mom took them outside. They saw the great outside for the first time. After being in the dark room for a couple months and not seen anything. It was great seeing all of different colors, the green trees, the green grass, and bushes with red berries. Listening to all the sounds, the water running and sounds of the birds singing. They decided this was a great place to be.

They did a lot of playing, but it wasn't all playing. Mom showed us a lot of stuff. She taught them how to get food, what food they could eat and what food they could not eat. Oscar liked the berries, but Oscar didn't care for some of the other things they ate. One day mom broke open a tree, it was full of honey, that honey was very good. Another time, mom took us out to the river and showed them how to fish, Felix learn pretty fast, it took Oscar a little longer, but Oscar caught the biggest fish that day, fish are real good too.

Then they met some more bear cubs like them. There was always time during the day for playing, and making friends with the other cub. They used to wrestle and run around together. They didn't know it, but when They were playing around, wrestling and running, they were making they muscles bigger and stronger. At times they sat around and talked some of the Bears told stories.

One story, one of the Bears told was about some humans that were not far away. They had real good food to eat and it was easy to get at it. You had to go down there at night because if you went down during the day, you could get in trouble with the humans. Humans had bad weapons that could kill you. The brother of one of the Bears went down during the day and he never returned. That put a scare in all the bear cubs. Oscar started dreaming about what it would be like to see the humans and to eat human food. He told himself he wasn't afraid of humans. Soon it was starting to get cool. Their mother knew soon it would be time to hibernate again, so she told the boys to eat all they could before they went in for their sleep. She ate too. When it was time they all went in and hibernated.

When the weather started warming up Oscar was surprised to see two more bear cubs next too their mom. They learn more that spring and summer and help with their baby brother and sister. As the weather started to turn cold mom said to them, it is time you two were off on your own. I have your little brother and sister to take care of. So Felix and Oscar, went off in different direction. Oscar went off to see what human beings were like and to see what their food was like. Felix went higher in the mountains and found another cave and found a mate. He lived happily ever after.

When Oscar got down where the humans were, he laid out of sight him. He laid in the grass and watch them for a while. At night he would go down and grab whatever food he could find. Then go back up in the mountains. There were some human kids there. They noticed Oscar and tried him to make friends with the bear. So when their parents weren't watching they left food out for the bear and when they got up all the food was gone. Oscar got so used to eating human food he got lazy and quit trying to find his own food. One day the humans went back to their city and there was no more human food. So he went farther down the mountain looking for more human food. He went through trash cans, picnic tables and anywhere else he thought he could find food. One day he was careless and some of the human saw him as he ran away. He heard a bang and felt something hit them in the hip, a few steps later he was sound asleep on the ground.

When Oscar awoke he was in a strange place. A place he'd never seen before way up in the mountains. He started to get to his feet and move around and check his surroundings. There were no other bears around us. Oscar had eaten human food so long, he forgot how to get bear food. So he started looking for more humans. He started walking and sniffing the air and walking and sniffing the air, he would eat berries when he got hungry. Finally, one day he started sniffing the air and he smelled human food. He followed the smell and sure enough there was a small cabin. There was a small family lived in the cabin, a father, a mother and a couple of kids. He waited till night time then that went down there and started looking around for whenever human food he could find, and he was not disappointed.

Oscar got careless and the human beings found him again. They shot him again with another sleeping dart. This time when he woke up he was in a cage, and he heard one a human say It is such a shame. We are going to have to put this beautiful bear down because he got so used to human food That he won't eat his own food. He is a danger to himself and to the humans around here. I wish people would learn not to feed the bears and keep all their food away from the bears. There are way too many Bears ending up this way because they get too used to human food. The only thing left for them is to kill them. And then he took his rifle and shot Oscar.

In all the parks in the United States there are signs that say PLEASE DON'T FEED THE BEARS. The signs are there to protect the bears as well as protect you.. Bears get so used to human food that they get lazy and become dangerous to themselves and humans, and then they have to be put to sleep for every body's safety. Please do not feed the bears when you are camping and keep all your food put up so the Bears cannot get it. We don't want to loose any more bears because of human mistakes.

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