by Arnold Nelson

     Many years ago I used to like to take walks in the desert. One day I took my water and started off. I walk farther then I had ever walked before. It was beautiful out there. So Calm and peaceful. All of a sudden I realized I was lost! I had never been in that part of desert before and none of the landmarks were familiar to me. I started walking around trying to find some landmark that I recognize, but I found nothing.

    Before long I realized I had been going round in circles and getting no where. My water was gone and I was getting hungry and thirsty. I finally climbed on top of this little hill to see if I could see anything familiar. I saw nothing familiar. I did see something strange way out in the desert so I walked out to check it out.

    When I got there it turned out to be a water pump with a pipe going in the ground. (Today all the pumps are electric but years ago they had handles on them and you had to pump the handles up and down to get water.) I grab the handle and started pumping for all I was worth nothing came out. Finally I fell down exhausted in the sand.

    As I laid there trying to catch my breath I saw a note on the pump so I got up to read it. it said I put this pump in a long time ago. There is water down there but you have to prime the pump before it will work. Then I remembered I read somewhere you have to put water in the top of the pump to soften the rubber gaskets in the pump. As I was wondering where I was going to get water to prime the pump I read on Behind you in that pile of rocks is a jar of water. DON'T DRINK IT. Poor the water in the pump and soon you will have all the water you can use.

    I turned around and found the bottle of water and was tempted to drink it, but I decide to have faith and I poured it in the pump. I got on the handle and started pumping again. Before long I heard sounds way down in the ground. Soon those sounds were getting louder and closer to the surface. All of a sudden water came gushing out of the pump. I drank all I could then I finished reading the note. After you have had your water please fill the bottle and put it back in the rocks for the next poor soul. So I filled the jar and returned it to the rocks. Then I refilled my bottle.

    Then I decided the water looked so cool and refreshing I took off my shirt and washed my upper body and face. Man did that feel good.

    Then I got thinking If I dug out some of the sand I could have a bath. So I scooped out the sand then I pumped some more water into the hole. I took off the rest of my clothes and sat down in the water. Wow I never had a bath that felt that good.

    While I was sitting in the water I prayed Father, Thank you so much for the water and the old man that put this pump in. Father how am I going to get back to town. I heard a voice say head for the light. I thought how can I find the light when it is so bright out here. Then the voice came again Wait until dark. Wow! that was the answer wait until dark then find the light God will give me. God said he was the way the truth and the light and I always believed it. So now I have to trust in God and he will lead me back to town.

    So just before dark I got dressed and picked up my water and waited. If you have ever been away from City lights you know how fast it gets dark, and how dark it can get. So I wanted to have everything with me so I would not forget anything. It seemed like in the blink of an eye it got dark, very dark. I started looking for a light. Finally after about 10 minutes of looking I saw a little speck of light just above the horizon. So I started heading for it. I walked for hours and finally the light started getting bigger. Then there were 2 lights, then 4, then 8. Before I knew it I was back in town. I was sure happy to see my apartment again.

   I could have died out there because I didn't take these simply precautions.

   1. Never go hiking alone (That way if anything happens there is someone to get help.)

   2. Always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back ( Then if you are not back on time they can start searching faster.)

   3. If you do get lost stay in one place. (If you start walking around it is harder for searchers to find you and you will probably end up walking in circles like I did.)

   I did do one thing right I carried water. I always carry water when I go anywhere, you also need to carry food too, especially if you are going out for a long hike.

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