by Arnold Nelson

     Bullying is an epidemic in this country. Some people think it is alright for 2 kids to fight. It teaches the the smaller one to stand up for himself. WRONG!. What is does it teaches the larger kid they can control smaller kids by bullying and it teaches the smaller kids they need to find smaller kids so they can be in control, and the spiral never stops. We need to break the spiral any way we can. Knowledge is a good way to start. I speak from experience. All though the experiences of my childhood happened forty or fifty years ago. I am still bothered by them.

    When I was seven or eight I got a bicycle, I loved that bike. I used to go over to the elementary school nearby and ride my bike until I was worn out. I was small for my age. There were two brothers who lived new me. one was a year older the other the same age, both bigger then me. The older one used to stand in front of me and stop me by putting his hands on the handlebars, then straddle the front wheel. The younger one straddled the rear wheel. The older one would hit me in the stomach then the other would hit me in the back. they would take turns hitting me until I was crying then they would leave. You might ask why I didnt tell anybody. I dont know maybe I was too embarrassed or maybe I think think it would do any good. This kind of bullying goes on all the time and it takes its toll. Like I said I am still bothered by it today.

    They is another kid of bullying that I experienced when I was in Junior high and High school. It does not involve violence at all but hurts just as much if not more. It is bullying with words. putting others down because they are different (bigger, smaller, lower IQ, color of their skin. or sex orientation to name a few). This kind of bullying can go on into adulthood and the workplace.

Here are 2 examples of what happened to me. the first takes place in tenth grade in a history classroom. It was a class for kids who had trouble with history. All you had to do was show up and you passed the class. I was put in there because I was having trouble in a normal history class. The beginning of the period the teacher would give us our assignments then he would go do his thing and we were suppose to work on the assignments. Some people worked on other homework the teacher didnt care. There was about 5 or 6 kids in that class that would come to my desk and start putting me down mostly because I had poor hygiene. My parents never taught me about hygiene so I didnt know. They would all come down on me because I came from a poor family and didnt have nice clothes. (I used to get a couple of new outfits to start the school year the rest of the time I wore my neighbors cast offs.) They came in several time with a can of deodorant and sprayed deodorant in my face. I know the other kids saw what was happening and I am sure the teacher knew what was going on but no one did a thing. I suffered the whole semester. It still bothers me. hygiene is still not a big priority with me but I have gotten a lot better.

     Once I had a job as a messenger. At first the company was going good we got regular pay raises and Christmas bonuses. I loved the job I was out on my own most of the time making deliveries and picking up docs. We would get together three times a day to separate docs and go out on our run again. The second time wasnt bad we met in the office and the supervisors were there to control things, but the first and the third times we met in a room with just the messengers and that was when the bullying got bad. There was a man about ten years younger then me. At first we were friends then he found how how to keep me upset and he enjoyed doing it as much as possible. There were days I left there so upset I really shouldnt have been driving , but I had a job to do so I did. One day I have an accident shortly after leaving the meeting. It wasnt serious I just ran into the back of someone while waiting in line to cross the toll bridge. Dented the front of my car but no damage to theirs. A couple of days later I had had enough when I got back to the office at noon I saw him standing there and I told him to stop harassing me or I would bring him up on harassment charges. The boss heard me and talked to him later I guess, because I heard him say to some other friends I have to straighten up or I will be fired. After that I had no problems with him. A week or so later he was gone I never knew weather he got fired or quit. The company started going down hill fast and I quit a few years later.

     There is another kind of bullying I want to talk about it is called sexual bullying. I never experience it, so I have no examples to tell you about. I read that in intercity schools that girls are being bullied by gang members to have sex with them so the girls can get protection. This is so wrong. I wish I had the answers but I dont.

    There is a new kind of bullying going on now. It is called cyber-bullying. The bullies dont have to come anywhere near the victims anymore. all the do is write cruel rumors and gossip on facebook and other chat sites. A few people have been so upset and humiliated by the lies they have taken their own lives.

    This world is so mixed up know if we dont take steps to straighten it out we will loose a whole generation and that is something we cannot afford. The first step is to get down on you knees and pray. Then let God back into our lives on a daily basis. God is the only answer we have, please do not shut him out anymore.

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