The Hitchhiker

by Peter Zulfaqar

It was 6 in the evening and with all my works, I dont think I can be home early today. My family will understand me and my work. I run a big company and spending my time in the office will always be more than the time with my family. We seldom carry out activities together and the least is having a dinner in our home. So, whatever it is Ill try my best not to miss the dinner with my family because I am sure that this is the only time when all my family members gather and unite. Each of us will share everything during the dinner even the problems that we are facing. With that reason, I made a rule that all of my family members must join the dinner everyday but today was a very hectic day for me. Im not really sure that I can be home for the dinner today. I proceed my work and I really hope that my work will finish earlier so that I can join the dinner. I finally finished my work and I take a look at the clock. It was 7:55 p.m. We always have our dinner at 8:00 p.m. everyday. So, Ive to rush to be in home as I only got another 5 minutes before our dinner started. I think of driving my car very fast but I definitely cant do so because it is raining. To make the thing worst, the road also is very slippery. These really prevent me from reaching my home before the dinner started.

But Ive promised myself to be in home for the dinner. So, I tried my best to drive fast but with many careful steps. Suddenly, I see a lady standing by the roadside and holding an umbrella and hitchhike for the transportation. I was wandering why she was here during this time. Perhaps, she missed the bus because there is no more bus after seven. Should I stop the car and give her a ride? But I myself also rushing to be in home for the dinner. First, I am thinking of not stopping my car but then if I leave her alone, it will be very dangerous for her. So, without thinking anything I stopped the car and invited her to get in my car. She smiled and thanked me. She is very pretty with her blue eyes and blonde hair but there is something questioned me very much. She is wearing a traditional English costume. I stop thinking about that because maybe she is just get back from the traditional party that held by the British community here. So, I started the conversation with her by asking her name. Her name is Jenna. She is from Bath, England but she migrated here about 10 years ago and now she live in New Hampshire. Thats mean I have to go to the New Hampshire first before I can make a journey home. I text my wife to inform her that I will be late and also apologize for not joining the dinner. I proceed the conversation with Jenna. She told me that she was actually just coming back from visiting her friend. They have fun all day long.She was also planning to spend a night in her friends house but then she had a call from her father inform her that her mother was under the weather. She had to be home by tonight. I asked her why she was wearing the English traditional costume. She just smiled and answer nothing. Then, she told me that it was my her favourite dress. For me, it is nice for a girl to wear English traditional costume but this type of dress is considered as outdated because there are no more lady wear this kind of dress in United States. I compliment her because she was the first lady that I found in United States who like an English traditional costume. Rain slow down and finally stopped. I took this opportunity to increase the speed of my car in order to reach home quickly. We finally Jennas home in New Hampshire. It is a small home in the end of the street. It was a lonely street. There was no car on that street except mine. I felt very weird because it was just 10 p.m. and in my town, there are still a lot of cars on the road. I stopped her in front of her home. She thanked me again for my kindness and said goodbye while waving her hand to me. I proceed my journey. I reached home at 12 a.m. and I found that my wife was slept. I approached her and give her a kiss and whispered I am sorry to her ear. I know that she must be mad at me because of not joining the dinner. I admitted that it was my fault but I wanted her to know that I always love her and all my children. I also went to my childrens room and give them a kiss. I sat at the couch and read some magazine. As I am very tired, I fall asleep on the couch. On the next day, I woke up and found that my wife had prepared the breakfast for me and my children. I apologize her for the second time and she accepted it. After having my breakfast, I get in my car and ready to go to work. I must be early because the meeting was in the morning. While driving to the work I suddenly realized that there was a lady purse on the front seat. It belongs to Jenna. I am sure that she really need it. I called my friend and askedthem to cancel the meeting. Then, I drove to Jennas house to give her purse. I reached her house and knocked the door. The old man came out and invited me to get in the house. There was a sick old woman in that house. She must be Jennas mother. I guess. Then, that old man asked me the reason I was there. I told him that I wanted to give back his daughters purse. He felt very shocked and look at me strangely like watching a ghost. I asked him why sir. Then, he answered me Actually, my daughter, Jenna has died three years ago because of the disease. I have no idea how you can get her purse. I looked at him with a very shocking face and said What? I gave her a ride last night. I came here last night. No. There was no one came here last night young man. He replied. To convinced me, she brought me to Jennas room and show me her picture. Yes it was Jennas picture. I believed him and realized that I had give a ride to the ghost hitchhiker.

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