The Bad Triangle

by Joseph Logsdon

The Bad Triangle

By Joseph Logsdon

      Mae Hobson was a kind and conservative woman. As a young teenager, Mae made the decision to lead a dignified and tranquil life. After many years of searching, Mae Hobson found true love. Like Mae, Robert Clark wanted to lead a conservative life, but his lust for slutty women was overwhelming. Despite his love for his wife, Robert decided to fuck his voluptuous secretary. At first, Mae didnt want to believe that her husband could cheat, but she had to accept the reality of her situation.

      One stormy night, Mae Hobson fought back her tears of anger as Roberts mistress rang the doorbell. Despite her reluctance, Mae knew that she would have to face her husbands seductress. Without further hesitation, Mae allowed the erotic secretary to enter her home.

      Mrs. Hobson, Im Roxanne Harrison, she announced.

      I know who you are, Mae replied as she shut the door.

      Mrs. Hobson, I need to talk to you.

      Of course you do, otherwise, you wouldnt be here, would you?

      You have to understand, I never meant to hurt you, Roxanne exclaimed.

      I dont care, Mae stated as she took a seat on the soft sofa.

      What do you mean, you dont care?

      This is about my husband, not me.

      What do you mean?

      No matter what happens, my husband is my main concern, understand?

      Of course, I understand, at least I think I do, Roxanne stated as her delicate skin touched the sofa.

      So, what do you have to say?

      Im no longer seeing your husband, Roxanne answered.

      Why? Was he not good enough?

      He was abusive.

      What do you mean, abusive?

      Even after I sucked his dick, he continued to hit me, Roxanne answered.

      Why are you telling me this?

      You can stop it, I know you can, she pleaded.

      True, I can, but why should I?

      Because Im willing to do anything, she exclaimed.

      What do you mean?

      Youre a very attractive woman, Mrs. Hobson.

       Mae Hobson was attracted to Roxanne Harrison. As a young teenager, Mae Hobson was a lesbian. As time passed, Mae suppressed her urges and turned to religion. For the first time in many years, Mae was being tempted to stray from her moral values.

      Ms. Harrison, your comment is very inappropriate, Mae stated.

      Robert told me about your past, Roxanne replied.

      What did he tell you, exactly?

      He told me that you used to fuck other women. Is that true?

      Thats none of your business!

      Youre attracted to me, I can tell.

      Ms. Harrison, I think you should leave!

      If you want me to leave, youll have to call the police.

      I resent your tone!

      Dont worry, youll learn to love it, Roxanne laughed.

      Despite her hatred, Mae Hobson fought back feelings of lust as she stared at Roxannes blonde hair. Mae knew that she shouldnt be attracted to her husbands mistress, but the lust and desire was too strong.

      Besides, even if I did like women, I could never fuck a whore! Mae shouted.

      Youre right, I am a whore, a slutty and voluptuous whore. Tell me, did you ever truly love your husband?

      Of course I did, Mae answered.

      Are you sure?

      Where are you going with this?

      Admit it, youve thought of women during your happy marriage, Roxanne laughed.

      Of course, but Id never act on my feelings, Mae exclaimed.

      Face it, your husband doesnt care about you. If I were you, Id stop worrying about outdated values and join the modern world.

      I cant, I just cant, Mae stuttered.

      Without further hesitation, Roxanne grabbed Mae and kissed her. At first, Mae resisted, but her lust soon got the better of her. Like an animal that had been released into the wild, Mae returned Roxannes kiss. Whether she liked it or not, Mae was a slave to her impulses and desires.

      I cant believe Im doing this! What kind of person am I?

      Dont feel guilty, just enjoy yourself, Roxanne stated as she kissed Maes delicate neck.

      As much as I hate to admit it, I understand why my husband liked you. Youre smart, sexy, and charming. To be perfectly honest, if I had known you first, I mightve started the affair, not my husband.

      So, shall we go to the bedroom? Roxanne seductively asked.

      You dont have to ask twice, Mae answered.

      That night, the two women made passionate love. The following morning, guilt and shame awaited Mae Hobson as she rose out of bed.

      Oh, my God, I cant believe that I did that, Mae exclaimed.

      You liked it, admit it, Roxanne stated.

      Youre right, I did like it, but I feel guilty, terribly guilty, Mae cried.

      The guilt will pass, believe me, it will pass.

      If my husband finds out, hell kill us, Mae stated.

      That reminds me, what are we going to do about your husband?

      What are you talking about?

      He abused me, remember?

      Roxanne, if I could help you, I would, but I dont have the power.

      Do you love your husband? Roxanne asked.

      I thought I did, I guess I was wrong, Mae answered.

      Mae, would you be willing to do something crazy, something that, if implemented, could free us forever?

      What are you talking about?

      Robert has life insurance, doesnt he?

      Why do you ask?

      If something were to happen to him, you would inherit the money, correct?

      I could never do such a thing! Mae shouted.

      Why not?

      Im a good woman, not a murderer, Mae answered.

      Youre far from a good woman, Mae. Like me, you take advantage of men, not because of love, but because of personal gain. I got involved with Robert because I wanted his money, because I wanted to get ahead in this poor excuse for a country. If we were to kill Robert, all of our problems would be over. There would be no debt, worry, or heartbreak. Theres only one way out of this!

      What do you want me to do?

      When does Robert get home?

      Hell be back tonight, Mae answered.

      When he comes home, try to get him upstairs.


      If he feels relaxed, he wont see it coming, understand?

      Are you sure about this?

      Im sure, believe me, Im sure.

      Without further hesitation, Mae and Roxanne kissed as the sun came through the window. That night, Robert smiled as he opened the front door. At first, Mae seemed worried, but her nerves relaxed as she poured her husband a drink.

      Mae, I have some good news, Robert stated.

      What is it?

      I left Roxanne yesterday, he announced.

      How did she feel?

      At first, she seemed sad, but she eventually smiled and left.

      Are you going to run out on me again? Mae asked.

      Of course not, Robert grunted as he sipped his coffee.

      This was big of you, Mae stated.

      I know Ive been a bad husband, a very bad husband.

      Water under the bridge, Mae stated.

      From now on, Im going to take care of you. This might seem silly, but could we renew our wedding vows?

      Why do you ask?

      I want us to start over. Before I met Roxanne, we were happy, werent we? I know this might sound corny, but I want us to be happy again.

      I hope we can be happy again, I really do, Mae stated as guilt entered her heart.

      After hours of talking, Mae and Robert made their way upstairs. As planned, Mae slipped a sleeping pill into Roberts coffee. Despite his best efforts, Robert staggered as he made his way to the top of the staircase. Once there, Robert held the railing as he spoke to his wife.

      I love you, Robert stated.

      I love you too, Mae replied.

      Without further hesitation, Roxanne left the bedroom and revealed herself. At first, Robert didnt notice his former mistress, but that changed when she grabbed his arm.

      Roxanne, what are you doing here? Robert asked.

      Without further hesitation, Roxanne pushed Robert. Despite his attempt to grab the railing, Robert fell to his death.

      Well, he definitely had it coming, Roxanne laughed.

      What have we done?

      We killed a worthless man, nothing more, Roxanne stated.

      The following morning, Roxanne cowered in fear as a police officer barged into her home.

      Officer, what is the meaning of this? Roxanne asked.

      Youre under arrest, the officer answered.


      We got a call from an anonymous source, the officer stated.

      Yeah, so?

      The source said that you murdered Robert Clark.

      Thats a lie!

      The wife has also testified against you, the officer stated.

      She would never do that! Roxanne shouted.

      Apparently, she did.

      Several days later, Mae Hobson visited Roxannes lonely jail cell.

      Let me guess, you were the anonymous source, werent you?

      Indeed, I was, Mae answered.

      Why? Why would you do that?

      Because I wanted money, because I wanted to get ahead in this poor excuse for a country, Mae laughed.

      You use my own words against me?

      They make my point, Mae replied.

      Why did you do this?

      I hated my husband, but I also hated you. Dont get me wrong, I loved your magnificent body, but I still hated you as a person. After you told me your plan, I decided to get rid of you and Robert.

      Youll pay for this!

      I probably will, but not today, Mae laughed.

The End

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