A Conversation of Love

by Eric Johnson

Ive sometimes wondered for a part of my life about the conversation concerning the fate of man between God and his son, my savior Jesus Christ. This is a time before time began, the universe was not yet in existence, heaven and earth were not yet formed and man was not yet created. At this point its just God the Father, his son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and a host of angels who worship God continually.

The Holy trinity peers ahead into the future to see what becomes of man and his relationship with them. For me, this conversation could have gone something like this: Son, do you see what becomes of man? Man is disobedient, wicked, lustful, greedy, and full of pride. They will turn away from us. There will be a time where I will grow weary of their sin, I will destroy them many times and start over again. I AM HOLY. I will not tolerate sin; its odor stinks in my nostrils. God says. Yes father, I see what becomes of man. One of our angelic creations will rebel against us, and because of pride will seek to overthrow our reign. He will be defeated and cast out of heaven but will also convince a third of our angelic creations to fight for him. They will also be cast out. Because of his hatred and jealously of man he will lead them astray and even though man has free will, he will choose disobedience and death. Jesus says. Man will offer up animal sacrifices to me for their sin, but that will only be a temporary solution to an eternal problem. God says.

I have a plan to redeem man and bring him back to me. The choice will be theirs again to either choose me or eternal damnation. To choose life or death. Their freedom to choose will not be interfered with. I want them to love me freely like I love them. There needs to be a final sacrifice, once and for all. A blood sacrifice that will permanently wash away their sins and reconcile them back to me. Son, you know what I know. I am a part of you and you are a part of me. I love you. God says.

I love you father, and because of my love for you and for man I choose and will become that final sacrifice. To give my life, to lay it down so that they would be able to come back to you. I accept this mission of love. On Earth, I will forgive their sins, heal their sick, feed their hungry, open the eyes of their blind and teach them your ways father. Even the angels do not comprehend the love you have for them father, but I do. I share that love. Jesus says.

You will have to give up your power and glory and become one of them. I will be your source for power, strength, nourishment and guidance. You will show them that they can live the same way; totally dependent on me. As a human being, this mission will not be easy. They will not accept you. You will be ridiculed, cursed at, poor, and homeless. I will send a few of them to help you with your earthly mission, but they too will abandon you when you need them most. You will be beaten by the same hands you created, tortured and brutally put to death; for their sins will be put on your shoulders to bear even though youre blameless and sinless. I, your father will turn my back on you because their sin will be on you and because I AM holy, I cannot tolerate sin. If you decide that you do not want to sacrifice your life for them, I will send legions of angels to rescue you. God says.

Father, I love you and desire to please you and because you love man so much, I love them too. I accept this mission of love and grace. Jesus responds.

Because you have accepted this mission, when it is finished your name will be placed above every name in heaven and on earth. Only through you will anyone be able to come to me. I will exalt you with the highest glory, honor and power. A place will be prepared for you at my right side throughout eternity. God says.

Author's note: Whatever was spoken between God and his son Jesus; this much I know. It was Gods plan to send his son down here to die for the sins of man. Jesus came to earth, started his ministry, performed miracles, saved the lost and shows us through his word how to live victorious lives over the enemy. He died and was resurrected. He conquered death. He now sits on the right side of his father forever. He will leave his throne briefly to gather his children in the rapture so that we can live with him and God the father forever and ever.

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