Sisters 2: Retribution

by Eric Johnson

This is the story of three extraordinary sisters who by accident obtained supernatural abilities when they were young girls. Raised by their Grandparents after their own parents were killed in an accident, they were taught to use their powers only as a last resort or if their lives were in danger. Julianne Cartwright the eldest sister: She loves her younger sisters so much that she would do anything to protect them from harm. Her powers are usually triggered by strong emotion. Justine is the second oldest: A rebel. She uses her powers often to her advantage without any thought of its consequences. She is currently a junior in college. Jessica the youngest: A nave 17 year old high school student. Advanced intelligence is just one of her given abilities. How did they obtain these powers? Well get into that story another time. As for now, this story begins at the home of Julianne where these young women are relaxing after a long day.

Its evening around 7:30pm at Juliannes home. A usual evening for the girls. Justine is on her cell phone talking to her boyfriend and Jessica is studying. Julianne is in the kitchen preparing dinner when the door bell suddenly rings. Ill get it. Julianne says walking from the kitchen. She opens the door. Its her new neighbor Mark. Hi again, how are you? Im fine thanks. Says Julianne. There is an awkward moment between them. Umm, may I come in? Mark says. Yeah, sure; sorry about that. Julianne says. He enters the home but stands near the door and looks around. You have a beautiful home. Thank you so much. Julianne says. They experience another awkward moment. So, is that dinner invite still open, or should I. Mark says. No, no its still open if youre interested. Says Julianne. Great then, Im looking forward to it. Mark replies. So then I have two questions for you. Is this Saturday good for you? Also, do you like chicken? says Julianne. This Saturday is great and I love chicken. Mark replies smiling. Well have dinner here and Im sure youll like it. Julianne says. Im sure Ill love it. So until then, have a great evening. Mark says as hes stepping out the door. Have a terrific evening yourself. Julianne closes the door smiling as she shuts it.

Justine and Jessica appear behind their sister and Jessica breaks out into a song. Juli has a boyfriend, Juli has a boyfriend. Justine laughs. I dont, leave me alone! Shut up! Julianne uses her telekinesis ability to fling a pillow from the couch at Jessica. The pillow comes within a foot of Jessicas face, she then teleports herself to the couch still singing.

The next day at Jessicas high school, she and her best friend Christine are walking down the hall between periods. Jess, how did you do on the calculus exam? I gotta B minus. Jessica hesitates for a moment. I got an A plus. What!!! Again!! I hate you!! You know I study so hard just to get a B, it just seems to come so easy for you. Christine says. Its not always this easy for me. Jessica replies. They both look at each other, neither one believing what was just said. Sorry, youre so right; its a gift I guess. Says Jessica. Dont get me wrong girl, I love you and I am so proud of what youve accomplished. The best universities in the land are knocking at your door. You have so many choices and have the support from your sisters and Grandparents. Besides that, Im ninety percent sure that Nick is one hundred percent in love with you. Christine says. Yeah, my family.wait, what? I thought Nick liked you. Jessica replies. Oh how can you be so smart and yet so dumb? When youre not around, he goes on and on about you! Its so annoying sometimes! Christine says. Really? Jessica asks. Christine nods. Really.

They both walk to their lockers and as Jessica is trying to open the lock using her combination, she is pushed violently into her locker from behind. Its Lucy. Im done talking freak! After hitting the locker, Jessica falls to the ground and Lucy jumps on top of her. What are you doing!!? Get offof me. Jessica says struggling. Students immediately gather, forming a circle around Jessica and Lucy. Yeah? Ill get off you when Im done smashing your face in. Before Lucy can throw her first punch, Jessica thrusts Lucy off of her and stumbles to her feet ready to fight for her life. By this time, more students surround them. Some of them cheering on Lucy. Christine at this point is being restrained by two of Lucys friends. Let me go! Jess! Kick her butt! Lucy and Jessica square off. Lucy, you dont wanna do this! Jessica says. Really? Well see about that. Lucy replies. Lucy immediately lunges at Jessica and as she does, Jessica ducks and runs into a maintenance closet then slams the door behind her. Running behind Jessica, Lucy slams into the door hitting her head.

Lucy recovers from the door and immediately opens it. What the where is she? Theres instant confusion and murmurs from the crowd. I knew she was a freak and a coward! Says one student. Suddenly from behind the crowd of students, Jessica bursts her way through and tackles Lucy from behind. They begin to wrestle on the floor. A whistle blows; security and faculty run to break up the fight. Male student: Hey, didnt she run into the closet? How did she.? Who cares, this is hot! Says another male student. All right, all right break it up now! Says one of the security guards. One guard restrains Jessica and the other restrains Lucy. Shows over, everyone get back to their classes now! Says the other security guard.

Principal Harris arrives on the scene with additional security. Thats enough! This fight is over. Everyone go on to their class! Now! Charlie, take Jessica to my office! Thomas, escort Lucy to the security office until I call for her. As for everyone else, this fight is over! Move along. The crowd slowly disperses. In Principal Harris office, Jessica is pacing the floor. With adrenaline still pumping through her body, Harris walks in. Jessica, sit down. Sir, she started it! She attacked me! I was just defending myself! Jessica, take a seat! Please I believe you. Faculty here have been hearing rumors that Lucy would pick a fight with you. Clearly, I think in a weird way shes trying to cope with the loss of her friend. Well, she has a heck of a way of showing it. Jess replies. Ok, I want you to go home and cool off, Lucy will be suspended for two days and if she starts another fight; she will be expelled from this school. Principal Harris, I have a science exam 6th period. I cant miss I will send a note to Miss Stein excusing you for today. You can make it up tomorrow. As for right now, I want you to go home. Harris says. Thank you sir. Says Jessica.

Jessica exits the Principals office. Nick and Christine are waiting for her just outside the door. What happened, what did Harris say? Christine asks. Im fine, but Im being sent home for the day to calm down. What about Lucy? Nick asks. She got suspendedlisten, I gotta go. Ill see you guys tomorrow ok? Still visibly upset, Jessica leaves her two best friends standing there. She really needs us right now Nick. Christine pauses. Are your feelings still the same for her? Its not the right time Chris, what if she doesnt feel the same? Thats not a good feeling. Nick says. You have to take a chance sometime dude, man up. Besides, she may feel the same way. Christine states. I dont know, let me think about it. Hold on one second, did you just tell me to man up? Nick asks. Stroking his shoulder, Christine laughs. I did buddy.

The next day in school, Nick is standing by his locker waiting for Jessica looking very nervous. Even sweating a little. Jess emerges from the bathroom. Hey Jess, you gotta minute? Sure, whats up? Jess says. Nick pauses for second. Nick, have to get to my next class. Whats going on? Is everything ok? Jess asks. No, no everything is fine. Nick takes a breath. Um, weve been friends now for while right? I dont know, four years now I think. Jessica replies. Well, theres this girl I like. Jessica interrupts him. Really? You dog! Who is she? Do I know her? Wait.. I thought you liked Christine! Christine? Um, no. She and I will always be friends but Im kinda into her best friend. Nick, Im her best. Jessica realizes Nick is talking about her. Nick, I didnt know. Why didnt you tell me before? Why now? Only because I thought you wouldnt feel the same way and I didnt want to be embarrassed. I spoke to Christine, please dont be mad at her. Nick says. Im not mad at her. Listen Nick, you are one of my closest and best friends.

Oh, here we go, the I wanna just be friends speech. Nick says. Wait Nick Jessica places her hand on his cheek and then kisses him on that same cheek. She whispers in his ear. I have a few things on my plate right now, but Ive learned to never say never. Lets take it slow and see what happens. Fair enough? Fair enough, thats all I ask. Nick says. Jessica walks away to her next class. Nick stands there in disbelief. I huge load has just been taken off his shoulders.

At Juliannes house that evening. Julianne comes in from work, visibly tired. Jessica is sitting on the couch, thinking about the fight and her conversation with Nick. Julianne drops on the couch and kicks off her shoes. Hey, Im so tired. We almost lost another client today. How are you Jess? I got into a fight with Lucy yesterday. Jessica admits. What! Jess, what happened are you ok and why Im I finding out now? Julianne asks. No, Im fine sis. I was just too upset to tell you yesterday. She started it, I was just defending myself. Mr. Harris told me that shes just grieving over the loss of her friend. Jessica says. You mean Michelle? I knew this would happen. Did you get in any trouble? Julianne asks. I didnt, but Lucy got a two day suspension. Jessica says. So you know what my next question is right? Julianne asks. Jessica does not respond. Jess! What did I tell you? You cannot use. I had no choice Juli, in all the confusion no one saw me teleport.Jess states. Thats not the point! What if someone saw you? You, we all have to be very careful. Julianne says. Please dont give me the speech. Jessica adds. Justine comes down the stairs and says. I told her sis. I wouldve made her run right into the wall or off the roof, or something but thats just me. Dont encourage her Justine. Julianne says and turns to Jessica. Dont use ok. Then turns back to Julianne. Satisfied?

Im too tired to even deal with you right now. Im going to take a shower. Tonight, you two are making dinner, the meat is already seasoned. Jessica are you good? Julianne asks. Im fine sis. Go and take your shower. Julianne goes upstairs. Jess and Justine look at each other and both say at the same time. Chinese!

The following Saturday around 8pm. Mark walks up to Juliannes house for their dinner date. Hes dressed casually. Slacks, button down shirt and blazer. He has a bottle of white wine. Mark rings the doorbell. Julianne opens the door. She is clearly not ready. Youre early. Julianne states. Am I? So sorry. I can come back in 30 if you want. Mark says. No worries, youre fine. Come in and make yourself at home. Ill be another ten minutes. Julianne says. She leads him to the living room. Here have a seat, I wont be too long. Julianne states. Please, take your time. No rush here. Mark says. Julianne hurries upstairs to her room to finish getting dressed. She sits in front of the mirror, continuing to apply makeup and fixing her hair. Justine enters her room and sits directly behind Julianne. Justine, he checked out right? Justine does not respond. Julianne stops what shes doing and glares at Justine through her mirror. What do you mean? Justine asked knowing what Julianne meant. Did you scan his mind? Julianne asks. Justine annoyingly says. Calm down, he checks out fine. Go and enjoy your date. I sincerely hope he kisses you tonight. You can use a good kiss! Justine says sarcastically. Julianne turns around and glares at her sister. Out, now please! Fine! Were going to a movie anyway! Justine says. Downstairs Mark notices a group of portraits on the mantle. He leaves the couch and begins to look at the pictures and suddenly as he is examining all the portraits, he has a feeling he is being watched. Mark turns around and is startled by Justine and Jessica standing right behind him.

Sorry, I was just looking at your family pictures. Um, how long were you two watching me? Not long at all. We were just leaving. Justine says. Yeah, were just going to a movie. Jessica states. So you two love birds have fun. Justine says. Mark slightly embarrassed says. Ok, well try. Mark says. Julianne walks down the stairs looking very nice. You look beautiful tonight. Mark says. Thank you. You look rather handsome yourself. Julianne states. Justine and Jessica make their way out the door for a night at the movies. Now its just the two of them alone. Would you like a drink before dinner sir? Julianne walks over to the mini bar to see what she has to offer Mark. Sure, do you have scotch? Mark asks. I do. On the rocks? Julianne asks. Yes, with a dash of coke please if you have. Mark says. I think that can be arranged. Julianne says. Thirty seconds later, Julianne hands Mark his drink and sits next to him on the couch both smiling at each other.

An hour later after dinner the couple is clearly enjoying each others company. So Mark, do you have family around here? No, not around here. I do have two younger brothers who live in Seattle and an older sister in Florida. Our parents died when we were young, so our sister took care of us for a long time after. Despite losing our parents, we had a great childhood. Mark states as he seemed to drift off into childhood memories for a moment.

While on their way to the movies, Justine asks Jessica about the accident a few months back. Jess, how are you doing with all that happened a few months ago? You know; the accident. Jessica takes a breath. Im much better thanks; for obvious reasons I cannot sit in the back seat of a two door vehicle. Its too confining and I have no control. Why are you asking about this now? asks Jessica. Out of concern for you, but to also tell you that something positive came out of that mess. Justine says. What was that? Jessica asks. Well, that your teleporting abilities stretch far beyond a few hundred feet. It was amazing what you did. The accident happened over a mile from home and you were able to teleport there in a second. Amazing. Says Justine. Can we not talk about this sis? Jessica asks. Sure, lets just go to the movies and enjoy ourselves. Justine says.

What neither of them realized was that immediately after the accident a secret black ops unit called division 6 headed by a General Maurice White was meticulously tracking the sisters. The same General who was in charge of the experiments conducted by their father all those years ago. If his suspicions were correct, the General wanted to perform tests on the sisters to find out if he could replicate their abilities for the military.

Back at Juliannes home, there is after dinner conversation. So what about you? I know theres Jessica and Justine. What about your parents? Mark asks. Our parents died years ago, my father was a scientist who did some contract work for the government. Julianne says. You dont have to answer if you dont want to but how did they die? Again, I hope thats not too much of a personal question. Mark says. No, no worries its perfectly ok. My parents were killed in my fathers lab performing dangerous experiments for the government. Julianne says. So sorry for your loss. Mark says. No, its ok. We were raised by our Grandparents and Im so thankful for them. Julianne says. You seem to really take pretty good care of your sisters, thats a good thing right? Mark asks. Yeah, theyre great but can be a handful sometimes, but I love them to death and dont know what Id do without them. Julianne says.

Mark pours some more wine in both glasses and says. So a toast then? Sure! What are we toasting too? asks Julianne. Mark pauses for a moment and says. To family, nothings more important. To family. Julianne says. Their glasses clink. They both take a sip.

Mark then asks. What kind of work did your father do for the government? I believe it was classified stuff. I was too young to remember any of that. Why do you ask? Julianne asks. No reason, just curious thats all. I would like to get to know you better as well as your family. Mark says. No, I get it, I understand. My mom was also a scientist working under my father. Wow that was such a long time ago. Julianne says. So what about your sisters? Jess is in high school right? Mark asks. Right and Justines in her junior year at college. That girl has so much potential. Julianne says. Justine? Mark asks. Yes, shes a smart girl but wastes too much time messing around with that idiotic boyfriend of hers. Julianne states. Yeah, I know what you mean. Mark says. They both smile at each other and share a laugh. At the end their dinner date, Julianne is standing just inside her doorway and Mark is standing just outside of it. They say their last words of the evening to each other. Julianne speaks first. So, how was dinner? Im a great cook right? Admit it. Dinner was great and so was the conversation. I just hope I was interesting enough. Mark says. You were fine and you know what? Ill let you take me out for dinner next time. Deal? asks Julianne. Deal. Says Mark. There is a pleasant awkward moment between them. Julianne breaks the moment. Well have a good night. Julianne moves closer to Mark and gives him a short kiss on the lips. Night. Mark says. He walks to his house next door. Julianne closes the door and goes to the kitchen to start cleaning up. The front door opens. Its Justine and Jessica returning from the movies.

Sis? Jessica calls out. Im in the kitchen. You girls are just in time to help me clean up. So get in here. Julianne says. They both enter kitchen supposedly to help clean, but are more interested in how the date went. So big sister, how was your date? Justine asks. It went well, we had dinner talked about work, family and other things. Julianne says. Yeah? What other things? Jessica asks. Other things that are none of your business miss and when were done here you can go take a shower and go to bed. Julianne says. Um, excuse me Im 17 years old, Im not a baby. Jessica exclaims. Kissing Jessica on the cheek, Justine says. No but youre our baby! Ewww, now I have to take a shower. Anyway, Im out! Justine says. Wait, where you going this time of night? Julianne asks. Justine replies sarcastically in a little girls voice. Mom, Im going to spend the night with Courtney, if thats ok with you. Whatever. Just be careful. Yeah, yeah. Justine says going to her room to change into her motorcycle outfit. Ten minutes later Justine is on her bike and speeds away.

Ten minutes later, Justine pulls up to an apartment building. She secures her bike to a light post and goes to apartment 2B. She knocks. Her boyfriend Adrian answers the door wearing only his boxers. Hello beautiful, what can I do for you? You know what you can do for me. Justine replies seductively at the same time unzipping the front of her biker outfit exposing her lace bra. Adrian opens the door wider and Justine walks in.

Back at Juliannes home about 2:30am. Julianne and Jessica are in their bedrooms sleeping. The division 6 black ops strike team of seven approach the house in the cover of night. The strike team has no problem disabling the house alarm. Their target; Jessica Cartwright. They enter her room without making a sound. Immediately, her hands and feet are bound with black zip ties. Her mouth is covered with tape. A circular device that looks similar to a dog collar is placed around her neck. She tries to teleport with no success. Whatever this device is, it prevents her from using her powers. Jessicas screams are muffled by the tape on her mouth. A member of the strike team pulls out a tranquilizer gun and uses it on Jessica. Shes rendered unconscious in seconds. Shes carried out to a waiting black van with tinted windows.

The sun rises at 6:30am. At Adrians apartment, Justine is in the bathroom taking a shower. Adrians cell rings. Justine hears it and turns off the shower so she could hear. Adrian speaking in a hushed voice. What do you want? I told you to leave me alone! I have a girlfriend! Adrian listens to the voice on the other end for a few seconds. Lose my number Connie! He listens for a few more seconds. Well screw you too!! Adrian disconnects the call. Justine exits the bathroom and asks. Who was that Ade? No one. Adrian replies. Youre lying! Was that her? Was that Connie? Tell me the truth. Ill know if youre lying to me Adrian! Justine says. Adrian pauses for a moment then says. It was Connie, I keep telling her not to call and that Im with you now. She doesnt listen. Would you like me to speak to her? Because I can you know. Justine replies. No, I can handle it! Adrian says. I can be very persuasive you know replies Justine. I said Id handle it and I will! he screams. Wait, why are you yelling at me? Shes your crazy ex! You know what, Im out! Justine screams. Wait, honey Im sorry for yelling. Adrian grabs her arm. Let me go! He lets her go. Justine gets dressed and storms out of the apartment.

Justine jumps on her bike and takes off. About a mile away Justine comes to a stop light. Two teenage boys cross in front of her, they stare but she ignores the looks. Suddenly one of the teenagers turn back to approach her. Teen#1: Hey, what up girl? You lookin mighty fine on that bike. Can you give me a ride? Whats your name? Get lost kid! Im not in the mood! Justine says in a stern voice. Teen#2: Dude! Lets go, were going to be late! Teen#1: Hold up, I coming! So, can you at least tell me your name before I go? Really kid? Justine says. She sits up on her bike and uses her telekinetic power on the stop light. It flashes from green back to red in a moment. She uses her mind controlling ability on the poor kid. My name is Justine. The kid suddenly has a blank stare on his face. Justine takes off and the teen is left standing in the middle of the street. A car approaches and screeches to a halt. The second teen runs to pull his friend from the moving vehicle. Teen#2: Dude! What happened? Are you ok? Teen#2: Wha? What happened? Teen #1: Idiot! Lets go!

Julianne is still asleep unaware of what happened in her home a few hours before. Her cell on the night stand next to her bed vibrates. It falls, but before it reaches the floor it stops in midair. First floating then rising and is softly placed in the palm of her hand. Julianne presses the talk button and in a groggy morning voice says. Yeah, hello? Good morning miss Cartwright. Says the voice on the other end. Good morning. Who is this? asks Justine becoming more alert. She does not recognize the voice.

You may not remember me; my name is General Maurice White. Ive done some experimental research with your father years ago. Ok, what do you want with me General White? Listen, I dont have a lot of time. Years ago your father was on the brink of an amazing breakthrough, I believe he discovered how to alter ones DNA causing any human being purposely exposed super human abilities such as advanced intelligence, telekinesis, mind control and even teleportation. That was just the beginning, if my assumptions were correct, this exposure to military personnel would mean that the United States would be invincible on the battle field removing any credible threat to the United States foreign and domestic. Ok, nice speech. Ill ask again, what does that have to do with me? That was my fathers work. Im not a scientist. How did you get this number? Julianne asks.

Im sure you remember how your parents died. The explosion in the lab. You and your sisters were caught in it, exposed to its affects. We observed all of you in the weeks after but did not see any affects from exposure, so we allowed your Grandparents to take you in and raise you three as their own. We Julianne disconnects the call. It immediately rings again. She answers. Listen, I dont know who you are or what you want, Im warning you, leave me and my family alone! Julianne, before you hang up again, check on Jessica. Make sure shes ok. General White says. Julianne rushes out her room down the hall to Jessicas room. She still has the phone to her ear. She swings open the door to find that Jessica was not there. Julianne begins to scream out Jessicas name. Jessica! Jessica! Meanwhile General White is on the other end saying in a calm voice. Julianne calm down, everything will be ok if you just cooperate. She screams into the cell phone. What have you done to my sister?!! Now listen carefully. Youre sister is safe and in my care. What you will do is get dressed and in 10 minutes one of my men will bring you to me, then we can discuss your sister. Do you under.. Julianne disconnects the line again. In a panicked state she gets dressed, grabs her keys and races to her car not knowing where she is going but she had to do something.

In the black ops van Jessica is still unconscious surrounded by the seven men who abducted her. The dampening device preventing her from teleporting is still around her neck. All in the strike team have removed their masks but have portable communication devices that include ear pieces to receive important information or orders from the General. The strike team was instructed to hold position near the entrance of the local parkway. Julianne is headed that way not knowing she is headed toward her sister. Jessica is waking up from the effects of being tranquilized. Whowhere am I? Strike team member: Youre safe. Remain calm and youll make it out of this alive. Jessica tries to teleport again without success. Strike team member: You feel that device around your neck? It prevents you from doing exactly what youre trying to do now. She begins to struggle with her binds. Strike team member #2: Calm down miss! I said calm down! You want another shot?! He points the tranquilizer gun at Jessica. She immediately calms down. Strike team member#2: Thats what I thought. Dont worry, this will be over soon.

Julianne tries calling Justine and gets her voice mail. Voicemail: You know the number you dialed, leave a message. Justine, where are you? Julianne says to herself. She then tries Marks cell and gets his voicemail. Dammit!! she screams and throws the phone into the passenger seat.

Julianne tries to calm herself. She knows if she focuses, she can mentally track Jessica and find out her location. She relaxes; her supernatural abilities begin to take over. She lets go of the steering wheel, the car is under her power. In a flash vision she sees Jessica being held in a black van near the parkway entrance. She breaks her concentration, grabs the wheel; picks up speed toward that direction. In the black ops van, the strike team leader receives new orders. Strike team member: Yes sir! He orders another team member to free Jessica of the dampening collar and binds. The team member complies. He carefully removes her binds and then the collar. Jessica rubs her wrists because the binds were tight. She immediately teleports outside the van on to the sidewalk. Strike team leader: Sir, shes out. Proceeding with phase two. The van speeds away and turns the corner. Jessica is too weak to teleport home. Perhaps a negative after affect of the collar.

She looks around trying to ascertain where she is. Across the street she sees a diner and figures that there must be a phone inside. So she darts across the street, suddenly from around the corner a car is speeding towards her. Its Julianne. She slams on the brakes but has built up too much momentum to stop in time. Julianne turns the car away from Jessica but is still heading toward Jessica sideways. Julianne uses her power to propel the car over her sister, but due to natural forces her head is knocked against the car window and shes immediately knocked unconscious. Jessica not realizing who this person is teleports herself into the car while it is still in midair somehow is able to grab Juliannes arm and attempts to teleport the both of them to safety. No success. Jessica appears in the street alone. She just has a millisecond to try again. She does. This time she re appears in the middle of the street cradling her sister. She cant believe her eyes, its Julianne and screams. Juli! Whats going on? Julianne is still unconscious. Suddenly, the strike teams van screeches from around the corner heading toward the sisters. It comes to a halt and in an instant four strike team members emerge from the van with automatic tranquilizer guns drawn.

One of them fires at Jessica. Again shes rendered unconscious. They collect the sisters, place them in the van and take off. At Juliannes house, Justine drives her bike onto the driveway. She opens the front door with helmet in hand and realizes something is very wrong. Suddenly two strike team members rush at her from inside the house with tranquilizer guns drawn. She quickly uses her telekinetic power and slides the ottoman in the path of one of the team members causing him to flip over it which also causes him to inadvertently shoot his fellow team member. They both fall. Two additional strike team members come up on Justine from behind. They grab her. She hits one of them with her helmet knocking him out and she uses her power to fling the other across the room. A fifth team member from behind shoots Justine, she immediately falls to the ground unconscious. The extraction team leader enters the house, looks around as his team members struggle to their feet. You men are highly trained soldiers! You could not handle a hundred pound girl?

In an all white room with one way observational glass for patient observation at a top secret military government facility commanded by General White, Julianne is tied down as if in a mental hospital to a platform tilted at 90 degrees. Her clothes were replaced by an all white jumpsuit. She begins to awake. WhWhere am I? Jess? Justine? She takes in her surroundings. She feels that something is around her neck. Its a dampening device that prevents her from using her powers. She begins to struggle with her binds to no avail. They are tightly secure.

She begins to scream out. Help! Someone help me! Is anyone there?! Continuing to struggle with her binds. A voice comes over the intercom. Quiet Miss Cartwright. Calm yourself, no one can hear you. Relax; youre safe for now. Who are you and what is this place? she asks. You dont remember? I spoke to you a few hours ago. The voice says. White? Julianne asks. I tried to do this in a peaceful way, but you forced my hand. All this unpleasantness could have been avoided. White says. White, what are you talking about? Where is Jessica? asks Julianne. I now have both your sisters in custody. Theyre safe. White says. What do you want with us?!! Julianne asks. I want and now have what I was expecting from your father all those years ago. His experiments on genetics and DNA altering methods were clearly a success. The only thing I need from you and your sisters is cooperation. Intense study of the Cartwright sisters is required. There will be a multitude of tests. I want to duplicate what your father has done. White admits. For what purpose? asks Julianne. Thats classified information. White says. Youre crazy! Julianne says. And you belong to me! White says as he walks over to speak into the intercom. Lieutenant Rowe, report to observation room one.

You see Miss Cartwright; weve been watching you and your sisters for a while now. Weve had someone on the inside too. You may know him. The door opens. A man dressed in military clothing enters. I believe you know Lieutenant Mark Reynolds. Mark? But how? Justine scanned your thoughts! Julianne says with tears in her eyes. Ah yes, do you think I would send one of my own undercover without any protection? You see the same technology that prevents you from using your powers also prevents you from reading ones thoughts. White says. Im sorry Julianne, there was nothing I Interrupted by General White.That is all soldier! You served your country well! Dismissed! Sir! Mark says standing at attention, saluting. Mark exits the observation room. Julianne is angry. Her heart rate and breathing increases. She attempts to use her powers.

Calm down Miss Cartwright! Its no use; you need to preserve your strength. Im going to need you over the next few days. As he says this, a team of doctors and lab personnel enter the room and the door slams shut.

In General Whites office. He is sitting behind his desk going over the duty roster. Then over the desk intercom. General, Lieutenant Reynolds is here to see you. Secretary Mills says. Did we have an appointment Rose? Whites asks. There is nothing on the calendar General. Rose replies. General White pauses for a moment and says. Send him in Rose. Mark enters the office and stands at attention. At ease soldier. I only have a few minutes. Whats on your mind Lieutenant? Sir, its the Cartwright situation. Mark says. What about it Lieutenant? White asks. May I speak freely sir? Mark asks. The General sighs, leans back in his chair and says. Granted. Sir, I feel that this situation could have been handled a little better. If Id been given a little more time, I couldve revealed my true identity to Julianne and could have convinced her to let you run a few simple tests causing no harm to anyone. Son listen, I accelerated my plans for a reason and that reason is you let your personal feelings get in the way of doing what you were ordered to do. Lieutenant, what you seem not to grasp is that civilians do not have the same honor and loyalties as we to the very country that protects them from the very imminent danger we face every day. Even within our own borders. Freedom is not free. White says.

But sir?! Thats all Lieutenant! I want that briefing on my desk at 0800 hours.White commands. Sir! Mark salutes, and then exits the Generals office. In the observation room where Julianne is being held. Shes weakened by all the testing performed on her. Shes dejected. All hope seems to be lost. Suddenly Julianne hears commotion and overlapping voices coming through the intercom speakers. The door swings open; a second passes. Jessica rushes in followed by Justine. Juli! Jessica cries. Dont worry sis, were getting out of here! Justine says. Jess! Justine! Whats going on! How did you guys escape? Julianne asks while her sisters loosen her bound hands and legs. Justine removes the collar from around her neck.

Mark rushes in and says. Lets go we havent much time! Not a second after Julianne uses her power to levitate him a foot from the ground. Mark begins to choke, he cannot breathe. It was as if an invisible pair of hands were choking the life from him. No Juli!! Hes here to help! Hes the one who freed us! Jessica screams. No! Hes with them! Julianne declares. The hold she has on Mark increases. He is about to pass out from lack of oxygen. Justine rushes to Juliannes side and says. Julianne please, release him! Hes our only way out of here! Juli, please! Without him have no chance! Jessica cries. Julianne releases Mark. He drops to the floor trying to catch his breath. Jess and Justine rush to his aid. Julianne walks over to Mark and kneels down; grabs him by the neck and says. Why?!!

Jess and Justine try to prevent her from hurting Mark further. Tell me why now! Or I swear Ill kill you right here and now! Julianne screams. Mark is beginning to feel the force around his neck again. He really thought she was going to kill him for his betrayal. Waitplease..please, I can explain everything! Mark says still trying to catch his breath. I was ordered to infiltrate every aspect of your lives. To verify the Generals suspicions. He was forced to kidnapping because he knew I let my personal feelings get in the way of my missionlisten, we dont have a lot of time! His men are on their way to intercept us! A moment passes. Juli, please, its the only way. Jessica says.

They begin to make their way out of the facility. Hoping and praying not to encounter any resistance. As soon as they reached the end of the first corridor, five black ops team members rush at them with automatic weapons. These weapons were equipped with live ammo. Everybody on the floor now!! Says one strike team member. They immediately stop, raising their hands. Mark glances at Julianne. She simply says Justine. Justine uses her mind control ability on the strike team. Suddenly all five strike team members fire on each other causing non fatal injuries. The group continues down a series of hallways and stairwells then arrive at a door that requires card access. The Lieutenant uses his access card with no success. His access was revoked. Its not working! I dont have access! Ok, I know another way! Lets go! Mark says. Wait! Everyone stand back! As everyone steps back, the steel door begins to shutter, ripped from its hinges and is flung to the other side of the corridor. Julianne uses her telekinetic power on the door. As soon as they get on the other side, two more strike team members rush at them this time firing their automatic weapons. Jessica screams. No! She raises her hand and a force field suddenly surrounds the group protecting them from the barrage of bullets. I cant hold it much longer! Jessica cries out. Julianne uses her power to propel the door she ripped seconds ago at the two strike team members, knocking them to the ground unconscious. Lets keep moving! Mark says.

General White is with the second strike team unit hoping to face Mark and the escapees. He gets a message on his walkie. The voice on the other end says. Sir, theyre headed your way toward the lab. Thats exactly where I want them. Keep me posted. General White says. The group make their way to the lab as expected. The door automatically opens for them. They enter and the door closes behind them. Mark, Julianne, Justine and Jessica rush across the lab to the exit door. It does not open. General Whites voice is heard over the labs audio speakers. Everybody relax. This will be over in a few minutes. Lieutenant, you have disappointed me. Have you not learned anything from me? Rule number one! Never get emotionally involved with a target! I expected more from you. Is that what I am General? A target! Show your face and let your target show her appreciation! Julianne says. Julianne! General, will you release us if the girls agree your terms? Mark asks. Youre crazy if you think Im going to let that maniac anywhere near me or my sisters! Julianne says. Justine whispers in her ear. Juli, hes buying us some time! Go with it!

Nice try Lieutenant! Stop wasting my time. I knew before your rescue attempt that you contacted the Secretary of Defense and that hes sending a detachment of Army Rangers to get you out! The General pauses and says. Maybe we can make a deal before they get here. Justine whispers to the group. Dont believe anything he says. He has no intentions of letting any of us live. Ok, thats it! Julianne says. She uses her power in an attempt to rip the steel reinforced doors from its frame. It shutters under her power but does not move. Whats wrong? Mark asks. It must be reinforced. Says Julianne. At that moment, poisonous gas begins to pour into the lab from every vent. Yeah, we have another problem people! Justine says. Everyone in the group move toward the center of the lab. Everyone, grab something to cover your nose and mouth. Mark says. They all scramble around the room to find any type of cloth so that they could at least delay the inevitable. The gas is now pouring into the lab more quickly. They begin to succumb to its affects. Suddenly. Everyone grab on to me! Jessica screams. They all stumble over to Jessica and take hold of her. She has never attempted anything like this before, but she had to do something even if it didnt work.

Jessica closes her eyes and uses her teleportation power. A second passes. It worked! The group is now outside the lab coughing trying to get clean air into their lungs. Julianne says as she coughs. Thanks sis! Lets go! Were not out of the woods yet! Mark says. As they all stumble to their feet, two shots from a nine millimeter are heard. Everyone takes cover. Jessica was able to form a shield around her sisters but it was too late. The Lieutenant was shot twice in the chest. The wounds are fatal. No! screamed Julianne. She rushes to his side not concerned about her own safety. What have you done?!! screamed Julianne. Something Ive should have done long ago. When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. General White admits. He raises his gun at Julianne, but cannot pull the trigger. Julianne stands up. Jess and Justine attend to Mark. Julianne feels an enormous amount of power surging through her. Shes angry. General White is raised two feet from the floor. WhWhat are you doing? Release me! He struggles, but its no use. He is forced to point his own gun at his head. His finger is on the trigger.

The General is screaming obscenities trying to regain control. Jessica slowly walks over to Julianne, touches her shoulder and says. Juli, not like this. Please. Julianne turns to her sister with tears in her eyes. The General is lowered to the floor but still has no control over his body. Jessica walks over to a gas mask storage unit, puts on the mask. Walks over to General White and teleports them both back into the lab. He begins to cough uncontrollably and says. What are you..doing? Get me out of here! Now! Jessica says with the mask muffling her voice. Just like you said General, if you want something done right; you have to do it yourself. She takes a step back and disappears. General White drops to the ground, dead from exposure to the poisonous gas. He choked on his own blood.

Outside the lab, Mark is going in and out of consciousness. Julianne is cradling his head and says. Hold on, help is on the way! After saying this, she suddenly knew what she had to do. Jessica, Justine come here quickly! What is it Julianne help is on the way, just stay with him. Justine says. No, I need you two to put your hands on his chest. Julianne says. For what? Why? Jessica asks. Just do what I ask! Please! So Justine and Jessica do what they were asked to do. Now I need you two to concentrate. Julianne says. After a minute of this Mark eyes open. His body shutters as if being shocked by a defibrillator. What.what happened? he asks. He feels his chest. The bullet wounds are gone.

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