I Am Lucky

by Jordan Wellnitz

I'm scared,


And alone.

My chest feels tight,

And every heart beat

Thumps painfully.

My stomach no longer aches

From hunger.

I can't remember the last time I ate something.

My throat is dry,


I thirst for something,

But no amount of water can quench the insatiable thirst.

My eyes stare ahead,

Seeing nothing but darkness.

The blank nothingness is almost comforting now.

Here, in this den of monsters,

The darkness is my friend.

The enemy is the glowing red orbs

And the dull sting of teeth piercing flesh,

"My flesh,"

I think disconnected.

How long had I been here?

Weeks or months?

"You're so lucky,"

One of the women had told me,

"The master loves the taste of your blood."

She was here a lot.

Washing me and

Dripping something delicious down my throat,

The only thing that satisfied my thirst.

She was keeping me healthy and alive

For the master.

I'm lucky.

I won't die here,

Cold and alone,

I will become one of them.

I will be friends with this darkness forever.

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