by Jordan Wellnitz

Who Am I?

I am me.

I am the sum of my parts.

I am a mass of chemicals

Controlled by everyone around me,

Basic instincts within me,

And whatever higher power controls the game.

In reality, I am nothing.

Nobody.I am replaceable.

A cog in a giant machine,

And certainly not an important one.

Who I am is really not the true question.

The better question is:

What Am I?

Scientifically, I am a human being, homo sapiens sapiens.

I am a member of a






Race of beings.

I am flawed

And imperfect.

I think too much,

Feel too much,

Stress too much,

Eat too much,

Care too much,

Hurt too much.

I have no control in this life.

From day one, I have lived

Under the control of someone else.

Every step I have ever taken,

Or will ever take,

Is monitored by someone,


Every move I make is

The result of someone else's decisions.

This perfect little ride of

Ups and downs,

Blessings and lessons,

Has been carefully planned.

We're given this illusion of free will,

A hopeful man's hopeless fantasy,

But we are never truly free.

Without even realizing,

We go along with their plans,

Never thinking for ourselves.

If we do awake from our slumber,

We're deemed sick,


An unpredictable variable in their carefully layed plans.

But not anymore.

I won't sit idly any longer.

If you're reading this, I'm free.

I ruined their plans.

I took control.

I ended their game.

Who Am I?

I am me.

Perfectly imperfect

And Irreplaceable.

I am no longer a cog,

But an operator.

I don't have a plan,

I'm just figuring it out as I go.

All I know isI want to awaken

As many people as possible

From that drunken stupor.

I want to open minds

And open hearts,

Until I decide it is time to quit.

Live your life the way you want.

It is a gift,

And even if you renounce

The giver of your gift,

You shouldn't squander it.







Do it all.

But do it your way,

According to your plan

And nobody else's,

So when somebody asks

Who you are,

You can answer confidently.

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