by Jordan Wellnitz

Silently I cry

As I wonder, why?

And how much more can I take?

How many more lies

Will I allow to befall your lips?

How many more times

Will I believe you,

Knowing fully in my heart

That I am no longer

Your one and only?

How many girls,

For they are girls not women,

Will you take into your arms

Before I've finally had enough?

How many knives wil I allow you

To stab into my heart

Before I decide the pain is

Too great, too much for my fragile soul to take?

How many?

How much longer will I smile,

Explaining away your many mysterious absences

And incriminating messages?

How much longer will I allow you

To keep lying and cheating?

How much more can this

Bruised and battered soul take

Before it breaks like shattered glass?



A million?

A billion?

A trillion?

Some unimaginable, yet to be created number,

That is how many.

And how long?


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