Horror Story

by Jordan Wellnitz

What's the truth?

I don't know.

Once upon a time,

I thought you were the truth,

I thought you would never lie to me.

But, like I said, once upon a time.


Until now, life with you was a fairy tail

-You were my happily ever after-

I know better, now, to believe in that.

Happily ever after only exists in fairy tails.

This is real life.

Real life isn't a fairy tail.


Real life is a horror story.

I can almost imagine the audience screaming,

"No! Don't believe that! It's a lie!"

But, as similar as life is to a horror story,

It's still just life.


There is no audience, enthusiastically trying to save you

From walking right into the killer's trap.

In life, instead, you happily skip into the arms of the murderer,

Almost begging him to kill you.


But he doesn't kill you.

No matter how many times you're stabbed,

You don't die.

The pain is real,

The knife is not.


And, just as you cock you head to question the disappearing weapon,

Tears spilling over your cheeks from the pain,

The murderer's face twists and distorts

Until is looks just like the face of your lover.


It all seems like a dream,

So you try to wake up

But you can't.

Because it's not a dream.

It's real.


Life is a horror story.


You've been cast as the lead role,

The naiive, in love victimn!


Who's cast as the murderer?

The one person who promised never to hurt you.

Your lover.

The man you have given every thing to,

Every part of you.


Trust me,

He'll drive the proverbial knife through your heart a million times!

And, no matter how bad it hurts,

Or how much the audience shrills,

At the end of the movie,

He'll push replay and do it again.


Trust me,

You're gonna love it.

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