Of Marriage and Love

by Jordan Wellnitz

I used to think of marriage,

Not as a holy institution of love,

But as an inevitable self-destruct button for relationships.

In my life, all marriage has done

Is tear a couple limb from limb,

Leaving nothing to survive.

This is what I told him when he asked me.

Yet, I still said yes.

Because he made me believe;

Beleive that a marriage did not have to end;

That a couple could make it through.

Now, standing in the face of the demon, Divorce,

I remember what I told him,

And I remember what he promised.

A promise of happily ever after.

A promise of forever.

And now, it's nothing more than empty words.

Just another broken promise.

But isn't that what marriage -and life- truly is?

A lot of empty words, unkept promises, and broken hearts.

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