Love: A Superpower?

by Jordan Wellnitz

I used to think that if you had love,

You could conquer anything.

That love could bring together a nation, or the world;

That love could help people do the impossible.

Don't superheroes get more strength

When fighting for those that they love?

So why then?

Why does divorce trump marriage?

Do those people truly not love each other?

Or was love not enough?

I choose not to believe the latter.

But what if I'm wrong?

What if this belief that I've held

For all of my years is wrong?

I can't bear the thought...

For what of the couples

Who can only be torn apart by death?

Their love must have been enough.

So is some love greater than other?

Or is the individuals?

Do they simply give up too easily?

Is it their's, rather than love's, fault that their relationship failed?

Now another thought comes to mind.

In the battle between love and giving in,

Who wins?

What if one side desires to stay, work it out, because of love,

But the other wants to give up and walk away?

Who wins?

The answer, to me, is simple.

The one who gives up will always win.


Because love makes you stupid.

It makes you care for another over yourself.

It allows you to silently die inside,

Just to make the one you love happy.

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