by Jordan Wellnitz

They say eyes are the windows to the soul.

I think it's true.

You can see so much in a pair of eyes,

All fo the pain, loneliness, and fleeting happiness.

You can see it all.

You can see the emptiness that is left

Once the soul has been ruined and damaged,

Torn to rags and shattered to pieces.

You can almost see the remnants of pain and hurting

But mostly you see emptiness.

The emptiness caused by being tricked,

Tricked by someone you loved.

Or the emptiness caused by too much pain and sorrow.

The soul can only take so much.

It's like the body, only more fragile.

It can take beatings, but only so much.

Too much and it gives in,

Shattering and leaving nothing but an empty shell.

That's all that's left of me.

Callously and cautiously going through the motions,

But not really feeling.

Too hurt to care anymore,

Too empty to feel even if I did care.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, they say,

But you can't see a soul when it's gone.

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