Red, such an awful wonderful color.

No, not a color, what a feeling.

Red feels delicious and sharp.

Coating the blade and running down my arm.

Red feels painful but enlivening.

Waking me up from the stupor,

Proving that I Am Alive,

The hot liquid of life.

People treat me like Im not there

But I know I Am Alive when the

Beautiful, hot color red flows freely out of my wounds.

Red Feels Like Being Alive.

Redit gives Meaning.

Meaning to the screaming

Meaning to the yelling

Meaning to the beating and drinking and pain

Redit is the Meaning Of Life.


This color was given to me by the creator.

It shows that at one time, I Was Important

That at one time, Somebody Cared.

This feeling tells me that I Am Not Infinite.

This Pain Is Not Infinite.

I am not an invisible force in this world,

Destined to keep feeling the same repeated pain,

To live continuously as though I Am Nothing.

The beautiful feeling proves to me that I Can Die.

Someday, I Will Return to a place where I Am Loved.

Redit gives me Power.

It proves to me that I Am In Control

Of my Destiny, of my Life, and of my Death

I Do Not Have To Continue Being Invisible

I Can paint my life with this color, this feeling.

I Can become something, I Can become someone

Or, I can be Nothing. I can Fade Away.

Red iseverything.

A Color

A Feeling



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