I Need You

by Jordan Wellnitz

    "Shut up! Just shut up! I'm done, Kaleb! I don't want anything to do with you!"

    "C'mon, babe, I said I was sorry."

    "Stop calling me that. I'm not yours anymore, Kaleb. You lost that right when you picked that whore over me!"

    "I'm sorry, Andi, okay? I didn't think you'd care if I was going out with her. You said you wanted to be friends."

    "I don't care that you are with her! I care that you lied again! I said we would try being friends, but I can't do it. I can't be friends with a selfish, egotistical, uncaring bastard like you."

    "C'mon, Andi, you don't mean that..."

    "Good-bye, Kaleb."

    Spinning quickly on the heel of her black converse, the charcoal-haired girl, identified as Andi, walks away without looking back. The blonde male, Kaleb, blinks his emerald eyes and smirks. The ex-couple turned tentative friends had fought before and he was certain things would quickly go back to normal.    Andi, on the other hand, blinked angry tears from her stormy eyes as she drove home. She was determined to stick to her word. She had been betrayed by Kaleb one too many times, causing the normally forgiving girl to fly off the handle. She had forgiven him when she found out he had been cheating on her for the better part of their relationship. She had forgiven him every time he had blown her off to spend time with his mistress-turned-girlfriend. But she refused to forgive him this time. They'd been separated for ten months, and for the last half of that time, he had told her he was 'living the single life', but she had recently found out that he had really been dating the other girl the entire time. Now, it's not like she cared that he was dating the other girl, she was simply furious that he had felt compelled to lie about it.

    One month later, Kaleb was still certain Andi would come crawling back to him. In his mind, she needed him. But, as the second and third months passed with no communication, he began to sweat. He tried texting and calling, but he was met with no response on each account. She needed him, didn't she?

    To answer that question, no, she did not need him. That much was made obvious to Kaleb when he went to her home and found an unfamiliar car parked in her driveway. Looking through the large picture window, he was shocked to see a man sitting in the living room, his arm draped over her shoulders, as they cuddled and watched anime. She didn't need him, but, boy, did he need her.

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