Dog Biscuit Time

by Kevin Rottweiler

It is dog biscuit time at the animal shelter

as I feed the salivating "babies"

some are Labradors, some Pit Bulls

some are Poodles, some can be called mutts

but they all have canine grins, big smiles

with hanging pink tongues!

they love unconditionally and will lend a kiss

if you put your snout to their snout

and I carry the bacon strips to each cage

and they sit on their big rear ends, (and small)

salivating, hesitating, quieting down,

for that nice dog biscuit

some get two, when they are nice

but most get two if available

and they grin and they grin

some have dripping beards on chins

some have long coats

some are very trim

but they all have dog faces

and love is in this place

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