Sweet and Sour Pit Bulls

by Kevin Rottweiler

look at the Pit Bulls

like sweet and sour chicken

muscular like steak

do they make you hungry?

sticking their paws

in the sweet and sour sauce

so content with big jaws

so content with big biscuits

look at them so hungry

muscular like steak sandwiches

don't stare into hungry eyes

and they grin for more meat

good dogs with hearty appetites

leaving their methane gas in the air

and the children laugh

at farting Pit Bulls

like Bulldogs

humorous hams

but they are content

with hearty appetites

need help to put on their collars?

they can be a handful

with hungry paws

sweet and sour Pit Bulls

humorous at times

just keep them away

from the dog catcher

the man with the net

sweet and sour

good and bad dogs

we need help sometimes

with these dogs

better call the trainer

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