Dora`s Birthday

by Aparna N

Dora's Birthday

It was Dora's birthday and all she wanted was a bright red and yellow umbrella.

She would be very proudin fact, she would be the proudest sparrow in the whole of the mango tree by the river! If only she had an umbrella!

Dora would show off her red and yellow umbrella.

She dreamt she went to school with her new umbrella.

She dreamt she went shopping with her new umbrella.

She would do so many things with her umbrella!

The thought was so exciting! But who would give her an umbrella?

Perhaps someone would gift it to her that day.

The day went by

"Its almost four o'clock!"

She waited alone in her nest on the mango tree by the river.

No one even came to wish her that day.

She just couldn't help feeling sad.

Dora was ready to burst into tears. Her eyes filled with tears. It filled so much she couldn't see a thing. Soon her eyes couldn't hold the tears any longer. They began to roll down her little cheeks and before she knew it, she was sobbing. Her sobs grew louder and louder. And louder and louder

Suddenly she heard a sound. Click!

She stopped sobbing. "Uh! What could that be"?

She slipped back into her nest. She was scared.

"Maybe a crow has come to take me awayor a big eagleor what if it was a big horrid dragon!" Just imagine that!

Clickswoosh went the sound again.

Dora was scared. She was sure it was something really big. She gathered all her courage and slowly peeped out.

As she peeped out from her little nest on the mango tree, guess what she saw!

There stood a bright red and yellow umbrella. And under it stood all her friends.

"An umbrella for me!" Dora gave a big broad smile. She was very happy. "Happy Birthday, Dora!" they cried.

It was the best birthday Dora had ever had!

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