Pit Bulls of Michigan

by Kevin Rottweiler

Pit Bulls of Michigan

from the hiding pits

running from trouble

and they become

passive and weak

now they are in real homes

not fighting for a gamble

they found a real home

now they eat steak

they are not a threat to anyone

back in puppy dream land

Pit Bulls of Michigan

one bite and you are history

so they keep them calm

feeding them ice cream

Pit Bulls like babies

this time they get a 2nd chance

they get an honest glance

no more fighting for Pit Bulls

let them win the war on love

Pit Bulls of Michigan

where the dogs found

real homes this time

barking at the dog pound

keeping the tough ones

off the street

rappers and tough men

with hard core personality

nobody can hurt the dogs anymore

they go and get milk

from the beer store

nobody is tough anymore

as the Pit Bulls

sit in church

singing about God

and thanking St. Francis

for helping them

nobody can hurt the dogs anymore

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