Prolgue and Chapter1: Fearless

by Monica Griffin



                        I opened the door and saw them. They huddled in a semi-circle below the stairs. My breath caught in my throat. The ominous look of the long, black cloaks stunned me; I wasnt expecting them so soon. Running from them for years had me living in fear with my older brother. Staying in Maine had been a bad idea from the start, we soon realised that the coven would catch us. We were prepared, but now stood motionless in the drive staring, unblinking. In stunned silence, I met their hard glares with one of my own, preparing my body to be hit with the immense force of their combined powers.

Chapter 1

                        Kyle had this weird obsession with moving back to Maine, really I didnt see the point in returning to our old home, it held too many memories. But last Saturday when he decided it was time to move on from New York, I couldnt argue. So here I am in Maine back to the same old routine, well, not exactly. Im now a freak, a weirdo, in this town. After we left people forgot, but they never forgot our parents. They disappeared, leading us to believe that the coven had gotten to them and did what we were always advised to do, run. So we did, travelled most the states of America and Canada, even going as far as to leave for Europe. But now were back, and Im as miserable as ever.

                        I was fourteen then, running for my life, for my brothers. My powers had manifested earlier than most witches-at the age of ten-, which was a shock to the neighbouring covens when they got word. False names were all we knew after the four years living in solitude in Maine, until we were discovered by Myron and his coven, messing with Black magic can really mess with a guy.

                        Now at the age of seventeen, I was dreading the first day of school. I wondered to myself, if Clark would recognise me, probably not. My dark brown hair was now dyed black, which I liked, as it contrasted with my pale skin. Seeing all this staring back at me in the mirror, I realised the resemblance of myself to my father. His grey eyes stared back at me, his straight nose, but my mothers delicate bone structure. I look like a pixie standing at 52, which is unusual for my kind. Kyle is over 6. I finished up in the bathroom, and decided to stomp back to my room. On my travels I hit a side table knocking the plant to the ground, Shit I cursed as I stooped to pick it up. I didnt notice Kyle standing over me, until he cleared his throat, Destroying things isnt going to get me to leave Maine, you know that, he stated matter of factly. I huffed, and lifted off the ground and brushed past him, moving down the stairs to leave.

                        At the end of the stairs, Kyle waited patiently, I know youre angry, but you have to trust me. Maybe, you could get back in touch with Clark, he said. I felt like Id been slapped in the face, I recovered quickly and stepped up to him, Get in touch with Clark? Get in touch with Clark?!?! Are you losing it? Obviously, you are. Im going nowhere near Clark, hes a damn warlock, and I dont know who hes loyal to, whether he wants to use me. Dont even talk to me about him, I cant stand this, you preach and you expect me to listen to what you say, while I sit back and take orders. Well, you know what? Im taking no more orders, youll listen to my opinion from now on, I want a say in what happens in my God forsaken life. Do you hear me? I replied darkly. He just smiled in response, I was going to punch him in the face just to get the smug look off his face when, the doorbell rang. Who is that, Kyle? I asked sceptically, he just winked and strutted to the door, leaving me to ponder my own question.

                        Sitting in the kitchen, I listened to Kyle converse at the door, he sounded male, but who I didnt know. He was having fun with this, knowing I was dying to know who was at the door. Finally I gave in and shouted down the hall, Arent you going to invite the guy in, Kyle? Or are the two of you having a romantic, get together on the porch? I sniggered at my own wit, which was sure to get on his last nerve. Bringing up his sexuality was always unsettling to him. Then he walked through the door, followed by another guy, about the same height, just a little taller. I caught the strangers eye, and he winked. I was thoroughly surprised; I did not know this person at all. There was something familiar, but I couldnt put my finger on it.

                        Mira, Kyle started, but I cut him off. Everything was finally clicking together. It was Clark. As dark and handsome as ever. Hello, Clark, I said nonchalantly, I then reached for my bag and started to stand, Im going to be late, Kyle, Ill call you when Im finished school, see you later. I brushed past Clark, completely ignoring him, Id nothing to say, as far as my knowledge goes, I pretend I dont know about him. Unfortunately, I was stopped in the hallway by my brothers big, possessive hand, Clark is here, to bring you to school. Ive asked him to show you around, and make sure no one unusual is hanging about the school, he says calmly. Seeing how the determined he is, I gently take my arm from his hand, give a small nod in acceptance, and headed for the door again. This time I wasnt not stopped.

                        Outside, I waited by Clarks SUV. It took about ten minutes for him to come out, what they were talking about, I dont care, I just wanted the day to finish already. He took long deliberate steps towards me, stopping only inches away. He was defiantly going for; lets invade Miras personal space. I took a step back, backing into the SUV, now I was cornered. I could see he thought I was nervous, HA! So wrong, I put on a nervous smile, which made his stupid face even smugger. Then I lifted my fist, and drove it into his face. It felt good. He stumbled back, shocked, while I reached for the handle of the door, and stepped into the SUV, extremely pleased with myself. Sinking into the smooth leather, I left out a small laugh and turned to the window, to show Clark my now present smile.

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